I honestly think there is no harder person to buy a gift for than a man. Whether it's your dad, grandpa, brother, boyfriend...it doesn't matter—what the hell do you get them?

Every man is similar and different in tastes...some like wallets, some don't; some love watches, other's hate them. I almost feel bad for men because I'm pretty sure everyone ends up getting them cologne or something from their favorite sports team. 

My poor father has suffered endless amounts of Christmas and birthdays with Yankee memorabilia since I was old enough to buy gifts. 

When thinking of gift guides to blog about, I knew men had to be included. 

Here are some unique picks as well as some traditional,  no brainer man gifts.

Ugg Slippers J.Crew Herringbone Sweater Whiskey Book  Shot glasses Birchbox Man Subscription Fit Bit Fitness Wristband   Crewneck Sweatshirt Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

What are your picks for 'man' presents?

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