I have never been so happy to see Friday. I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am that it's the weekend. 

Do I have exciting plans? No. Am I going out for Halloween? No. 

My plans are to not move from my couch starting right now till Sunday night. After the exciting, fun October I had, I am in desperate need of a resting period. 

November is going to be quite exciting (MY BIRTHDAY #22) and I need a transition weekend.

This week went so slow and I don't think it was just me who felt like that. It was Wednesday and I was watching the clock constantly, praying for Thursday night. It was actually painful.

Anyways, mix exhaustion and a slow week and you have an unhappy Bri. I am going to do be doing some retail therapy today so that will definitely make me brighter :) I will 100% do a haul post because that's what bloggers do.

This is the first Halloween in 4 years (#sadcollegegrad) I'm not getting drunk or dressing up and I could actually care less. 

Enough blabbering, here is what I'm loving this week:

What are your Halloween plans? What are you dressing up as? Tell me in the comments :) Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

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