Sometimes, you really just need to feel inspired. Whether you're having a bad day, have some writers block, or just frustrated in general. Inspiration doesn't need to be for a creative reason, it could be the cure for anything.

Feeling inspired is obviously a great way to boost your creativity, whether you're a blogger or in any other profession. Everyone needs a way to get their creativity out.

But inspiration can be something else. Inspiration can help you get through a tough situation, help you make a tough decision, or can be there for you if you're feeling down about yourself.

I love being inspired, mostly for my blog but for life in general. There is nothing better than being in a bad mood and suddenly having your spirits lifted by something completely random. 

Whenever I'm down (which is often) there are so many things that I do in order to feel better and get inspired. Whenever I'm experiencing some writers block, I sit back and just let my thoughts flow. 

Everyone feels inspired in different ways but these are my favorites:

//Books, Movies, TV: I love curling up with a good book and getting lost in it for a few hours. It takes my mind off of things and sometimes, books are filled with the exact message or quote you need to wake up your mind. Binge watching on Netflix also makes me feel great because I'm so lost in the storylines and characters that I forget everything I was concerned about and I feel refreshed.

//Blogs: This is particularly good for when I have writers block. I'll check my Bloglovin feed or pick a random blog and go through the whole thing. I get ideas for posts, see what other people are doing and it just sparks something.

//Pinterest: This is obvious isn't it? I'm pretty sure everyone feels inspired on Pinterest. I don't even need to explain why.

//Montages: Okay this one is weird but it's one of my favorites. I love logging onto Youtube and searching my favorite TV montages or favorite movie scenes. For example, I love watching the last scene of the Boy Meets World Finale or watching the best moments of Carrie and Mr. Big. Lately I've been really into How I Met Your Mother montages and scenes because um, I'm still obsessed. 

//Horoscopes: YUP. I'm going there. I love reading my horoscope and learning more about my sign. The best cure for anything is an accurate horoscope. I love the Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, and my ultimate favorite--The Daily Horoscope app. My sorority sister got all of my friends obsessed with our horoscopes and now I live and breathe by it. 

//Elite Daily: Just like a Taylor Swift song, there is an Elite Daily article for every mood. Nothing is better than reading something written by someone else and having it be exactly what you needed to hear. Sometimes I read such an accurate article, I feel like I wrote it myself. 

What do you do to inspire myself? Tell me in the comments so I could learn more!

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