Last week I posted my Fall fashion wish-list and what items I was coveting for this fall season. While I love clothes shopping, buying new fashions and staying up to date on the latest trends, sometimes clothes aren't my favorite thing to buy. 

My first love is always beauty products, whether it's a good moisturizer or the latest nail polish color, I cannot get enough. The more I read beauty blogs, subscription services, or watch my favorite vloggers, I find more and more products I want to try.

I have a hefty list of items that I'm desiring but for the fall season, there are certain items that are calling my name. With cool weather and dark colors upon us, there is nothing better than a vampy lip color, smoky eyes and a natural finish foundation look. 

There are so many beauty looks I want to try out this fall season and I know these products will help me with that.

Here's my fall beauty wish list:

//Too Faced Coco Powder Foundation: I'm still new to the foundation game and powder foundations confused me till no end. I saw this in Sephora  few weeks ago but didn't think much of it till I saw Tiffany D's review of it. I'm sold and this will be my next big splurge.

//Loreal Tru Match Foundation: This drugstore liquid foundation has won every beauty award this season and I've seen a lot of people rave about it. Every time I go to buy it, I stop myself and don't really know why. I know I need a foundation with more coverage (my Maybelline Fit Me isn't cutting it much longer) so I definitely need to buy this ASAP.

//ELF Matte Lip Colors: I have one of these from last winter in Praline and I'm obsessed. ELF released three new shades this season which are currently waiting in my cart, ready to buy. Aside from dark nail polish, dark lips are my second favorite fall beauty trend.

//Benefit's It's Potent Eye Cream: I need a new night time eye cream and this is the one I want. I had a sample of this a few months ago and it was amazing. It was super hydrating and left my eyes bright and awake. It's a little pricey so I'll be saving up for this. It's important to keep under-eyes smooth and moist since the dry, fall air will affect your skin greatly.

//Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray: This baby is only $7 and smells like roses. HELLO! It's perfect. Beauty bloggers everywhere have been talking about this and I've been wanting to experiment with facial sprays. I think the fall, when the air is driest, is the perfect time to start playing around.

//Coastal Scents To Go Palettes: I thought my Naked3 palette would satisfy my eyeshadow needs but I've noticed recently that it's not. I want more color, like plum and burgundy. I've seen these all over recently and I think they're super cute. Coastal Scents is supposed to have pretty good quality shadows for the price so I may splurge on one of these.

//ELF Studio Blush Palette: Blush is something I don't have much of because I'm not crazy about it but like so many other things, I've been wanting to experiment. The dark shades in this quad are great for everyday or dramatic, night looks. Also, you can't beat the price of ELF products.

As usual, my list of "wants" is super long...and to think I was just saying how I need to save money. When will I learn?

Anyways...what beauty products are you dying to try for the fall?

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