My sorority semi formal is on Saturday and I could not be more excited! It's going to be so fabulous and it's always the best night of the entire semester. After this hectic week back after Thanksgiving, everyone needs a chill night of fun with our entire sorority.

Semi formal means one thing and one thing only--dress shopping. Since it's a semi formal and not a full out fancy party, the dresses that we wear aren't as outlandish as they are for Spring. Nonetheless, dress shopping is still not a fun thing for me. 

Luckily I was blessed by the dress gods this time around and my shopping trip to Annie Sez wasn't a complete bust; I found a dress within minutes and I'm perfectly in love.

My dress is a cream color, not black, but this was the only picture I could find. It's by the clothing company Laundry and it fits perfectly! I'll post pictures after formal or you could follow me on Instagram to see any pictures I post on Saturday.

It's not just formal season though. Tis the season for dress shopping, glitzy glam and all sorts of holiday parties! 

Here are some of my favorite looks for the upcoming holiday season:

Holiday/Formal 1

Holiday/Formal 2

Holiday/Formal 3

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