When I was younger, I never really idolized anyone. I had my favorite artists, musically, but other than that, there was no women in the spotlight of Hollywood that I looked up too. I guess I never paid much attention or wasn't mature enough to recognize what it takes to actually be classified as a role model for someone.

Things have changed and now I have a few girl crushes that inspire me in different ways. There is one that completely takes the cake though and that is the lovely and successful Bethenny Frankel.

I wrote a review of Bethenny's SkinnyGirl facial towelettes last year which featured some of my feelings toward the billionaire lady. Since then, my love for the once reality star has completely skyrocketed.

Bethenny's new talk show premiered on FOX a few weeks ago and I've been DVRing it every day since the premiere to watch later in the day since I have class at 11am when it's on. 

I watched the first episode when it premiered and sat in a chair and cried. I was so overwhelmed by the love I felt bursting out of my chest for this woman who came from practically nothing. I couldn't express in sentence form, at the time, how I felt watching her premiere talk show.

If you don't know Bethenny's story it's an awe inspiring one. Her father bailed on the family when she was younger and her mother remarried another man. Bethenny's mother drank heavily and would verbally abuse young Bethenny. Bethenny went to high school in Florida then went onto culinary school and NYU while also working at a young age. 

Bethenny slowly worked her way up the ladder and eventually became part of the Real Housewives of New York despite not being married and not being as wealthy as the other women on the show. There is where she launched the SkinnyGirl Margarita which turned into SkinnyGirl Cocktails. Bethenny also  met Jason Hoppy, her now ex husband on the show.

When Bethenny left RHONY she scored her own Bravo show called "Bethenny Getting Married" which turned into "Bethenny Ever After" where she got married to Jason and had a beautiful baby girl, Bryn.

Jason and Bethenny are now getting divorced and after much distress, Bethenny launched SkinnyGirl Cocktails into the limelight and made it a multi-billion dollar company. She created something for herself despite all her hardships.

She gives me hope and it may sound so silly  because she was a reality star but the way she built up herself and her empire and made her dreams come true when hardballs were thrown her way. Bethenny doesn't let anything get her down, she doesn't give up, even when the world tells her she should.

She is completely inspirational to me and the way she wants to give back to people who are like her, the way she wants to make people happy is awe-inspiring.

The other side of Bethenny is the way that she doesn't care what anyone says about her. She is the queen of TMI and will say it like it is. She is completely honest in everything she says and does. She is REAL and I love nothing more than a celebrity who tells it like it is.

Bethenny is someone who gives me the chills every time I watch her because she is just so true.

Even so, it's still hard to put into words why I love Bethenny so much and what she has done for me. Everyone needs to check out her talk show on FOX at 11am (EST), it will change your life!
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