Recruitment is getting closer and closer which is both exciting and nerve-wracking! My e-board (both Phi Sig and Greek Council) are working diligently to start planning so I've been in full out Greek mode for the past week or so.

I thought that there was no better time than now to introduce you to a fabulous new company that is designed specifically for your Greek life jewelry needs.

A-List Greek Designs is a new company that was created by Hope Gray in response to her passion for her sorority. She says that she wanted to create jewelry for Greek women that was classy, of a larger variety, and showed their pride for their sorority.

The pieces that A List features are extremely affordable, ranging from $15-$40, which is great for a sorority girl's budget.

A List has a variety of products for a select few NPC sororities but the good thing is, you can vote for your sorority to have their own collection! If your sorority is not featured, there are some generic sorority jewelry that is perfect for anyone such as Big/Little necklaces and bracelets.

Something that separates A-List from other sorority jewelry companies is that they work closely with philanthropies. They attend sorority charity events and then give back to that specific cause.

Some other features that A-List offers are a great campus rep program that will allow you to spread the word of A-List Greek Designs on your campus and throughout your chapter, doing group orders for your chapter, and even designing your own piece of jewelry.

A-List Greek Designs is so kind and lovely that they want to give away one Big Sis/Lil Sis charm set to one lucky Royally Pink reader! It's perfect for the start of big/little season to gift to your new little or even just as a surprise gift for your big or little.

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