There is few things I love more than back to school shopping. After the fourth of July, I count down the days till I am able to go to Staples or Target and buy all new supplies.

The smell of a fresh, blank notebook, the touch of a brand new pen to clean paper, the first time you open your planner--it's such an experience for me. And I'm being awfully dramatic but that is just how much I love school supplies.

It really pains me that this was the last time I will go school supply shopping. It was the start to many lasts of my senior year and I'm not ready to let go of this one yet. I think during August and September for the rest of my life I will always go school supply shopping and buy new notebooks, planners, etc.

I now consider myself an expert in the school supplies since it gives me the types of chills watching "The Notebook" does. 

I usually stick to the same types of school supplies but here are some that I am LOVING this year!

If I didn't already buy my Lilly agenda, this would've been my next purchase!

I have my Lilly Pulitzer 'Dirty Shirley' pencil pouch from last year and one from Levo League but I think this adorable Tusk in the Sun pouch will find it's way into my life soon enough.

These pencils are all over the internet and Mackenzie Horan is one special lady; she is so talented and these pencils are the perfect addition to any collection. I have been eyeing them from a good year; I think it's time to purchase them!

I love stationary and lists and post its; my desk is currently covered in them. I really love this to-do list from Kate Spade because it's chic, adorable, and completely useful.

Maybooks is my go-to for having extra notebooks around. I always find it useful to keep a few extra notebooks at hand for jotting down extra notes, whether it's for internships, my sorority, or a random notebook with a bunch of random notes. Having those extra books keeps me more organized and really helps clear my mind and keep me sane.

What are your favorites for school supplies?

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