I declare this week Lilly Pulitzer week!

No but really, I have rediscovered my intense love and obsession for the Queen of Pink and Green! With the arrival of my new planner, I am reminded of how incredible the Lilly Pulitzer brand is.

It's been about a year since I discovered Lilly and became highly obsessed with it but till this day, I do not own a piece of Lilly Pulitzer clothing.


Either I never have the money or I don't know where I would wear it, I've always found a reason not to purchase any Lilly clothing. Till now, that is.

It was Friday night when I was home in bed, unwinding from another hectic week, when I saw RueLaLa post on Facebook that they had some Lilly items on sale in a boutique that was ending soon.

With my bank account replenished from pay day, I was determined to buy some form of Lilly Pulitzer clothing. 

With my luck, I found a gorgeous shirt, in my size, for a reasonable price--and I got one of the last two left. It's called the Lana Resort White Valley Girl Top and I'm in love.

It's the perfect starter Lilly shirt and I'm so excited to wear it, paired with black or white pants, and my Jack Rogers.

On Monday, RueLaLa also hosted another Lilly Pulitzer sale where I scored an iPad cover; I thought about buying another piece of clothing but if you could imagine, I destroyed my bank account this weekend.

It's a pretty old print but I'm completely ecstatic that I scored it for only $8! And because I recently purchased something else from RueLaLa, I had free shipping.

RueLaLa is pretty great and there is always something to buy for a relatively cheaper price. It's a shopacholics worst and best nightmare.

They always have wonderful designer boutiques from handbags to jewelry to home items to kids clothes. It's too amazing to put into words. I really need to utilize RueLaLa more.

I think they feel that way too because they tweeted at me after I made my order Friday!

Use my personal link for an invite to RueLaLa and start buying today!

Also, follow me on Twitter :)

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