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Even though summer just started, there are millions of teenagers across the country that are mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing to take a giant leap and start a new chapter in their life. Those kids are getting ready to head off to their freshmen year of college.

If you're like me, you'll be going away to college and living in a dorm; living on your own for the first time in your life.

It's a scary thought and it definitely is a completely different living situation. Aside from the emotional preparation, there is a lot of physical preparation that goes into heading off to live the dorm room life.

Don't worry though, you'll be fine. There are so many resources at your disposal to get everything you need.

The biggest part of moving out of your house and into a dorm room is the difference in space and the fact that you'll be living with strangers. Learning to deal with their living habits and keeping the peace is the biggest stretch but once you have your own space in that little dorm, things will work out.

Residence Hall Linens has everything you'll need in your dorm room from XL twin bedding to storage units you could fit in the tiniest of spaces. 

At relatively low prices, RHL makes buying everything you need for college living a lot easier. On a student's budget, every cent counts and RHL makes sure of that. 

The essentials are simple: bedding, towels, pillows, hampers, storage bins, and maybe a mini fridge along with a television. 

There will always be a few things that you forget that's why Residence Hall Linens has great value packs so nothing is left behind. There is the The Complete Campus Collection that has every bedding and towel you could think of, along with a hamper and bedside buddy. The Student Starter Pack comes with the same items, just a lesser number, than the Complete Campus but still, everything you need is right there. 

Buying these packs instead of buying individual items will save you money and it'll be great because everything will match. Determining a color amongst your items will help in distinguishing your stuff from your roommates.

Aside from the living essentials that you'll need, RHL has some great decor items to make your space feel more like home. It'll be nice to decorate your dorm with pictures, pillows, and rugs that fit your personality. 

One of my favorite things to decorate with are wall canvases and posters. They are the perfect thing to add a bit of yourself into your dorm.

Here are two of my favorite pillows from them:

Once you're all decorated and your bed is made, storage is going to become a problem. I recommend using rubbermaid bins and under bed storage to make life easier. Storing summer clothes in the winter and vice versa under your bed will make more room in your closet. Making use of a hanging shoe organizer will also be helpful. Good thing RHL has everything you need for storage also!

The first year is going to be tough but after the first year, you will become a pro at moving in and storing all your belongings.

College is scary, I won't lie but it is an incredible experience that will shape you and make you a better person. By the time senior year comes around, you'll be wanting to handcuff yourself to your bed in order not to leave.

Happy shopping, freshmen!

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