It's that time of the month again! My Ipsy Glam Bag arrived in the mail last week and I had been so anxious to receive this bag. I took a sneak peek the minute the website let me and I was so happy!

I am obsessed with the fact that this month's bag was a wild, leopard print. I don't know if it's my Queens/Brooklyn roots that draw me to the leopard but I love a good animal print. 

All the products featured in my bag this month were full sized which was such a wonderful surprise. The fact that I'm getting great quality products in a full size for just $10 a month astounds me. How is this possible?!

I'm not going to question it, though, Ipsy is great! 

Aside from one product, everything in the bag is useful to me and I'm really happy with.

This full sized lip pencil comes in a beautiful pink shade. It has a coral tint and goes on really smooth. I don't use lip liner a lot so I gave this to my mom but I stole a few uses. Put it this way, I should've never given it up--it's too beautiful and perfect.

I was in desperate need of a new blush so I was thrilled when I saw this came in my bag! It is the perfect pink shimmer shade; it looks similar to NARS Orgasm. It goes on really nice, a little goes a long way with this blush. The formula and texture is really smooth too so it stays nice all day.

This is the one product I don't really care for. I didn't try it out yet but in my opinion, I won't really need it for anything. I haven't worn a great deal of eyeshadow in the past few months and I definitely wouldn't choose to wear glitter shadow. Maybe this won't be as glittery as it looks but I doubt it. Maybe I'll use it for Halloween, or give it to Ke$ha.

I haven't gotten the chance to use this yet but I'm excited too! There is a built in brush with this creamy, gel eyeliner which makes it easier. The purple color isn't too bright or too dark, it's perfect for a summer or winter look. I've been looking for a good, liquid/gel eyeliner so hopefully this won't disappoint!

This was probably my favorite product in the glam bag. I love eyebrow products and combining that with highlighter product is a match made in heaven. The pencil works really well to add a little more arch to your eyebrows and it brightens the brow bone. For the past week, I haven't left the house without using this pencil.

This June bag has officially sealed the deal; I am in love with Ipsy.
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  1. You got all of the products I wanted! :P I'm glad you enjoyed the bag this month, though. I'm really hopeful for next month's--some subscribers will be receiving Benefit Benetint!

  2. I really liked this month's bag and OMG Benetint?! That is incredible--I hope I get that one!