Hi, I'm Briana and I'm a Lilly-aholic. 

I have no qualms about saying that I have a Lilly Pulitzer problem, I do. I have a Lilly planner, pencil case, phone case, iPAD case, bag, wristlet, scarf, and the list goes on.

I don't know what it is, I don't know if it's my sorority DNA but I cannot get enough of the Queen of Pink and Green.

That is exactly why when I found out that Estee Lauder was having a special Lilly Pulitzer free gift special, I freaked out.

I needed to get my hands on it and I knew exactly how that would happen; my aunt loves Estee Lauder so I mentioned that if she spent $35, I could get this Lilly make-up bag paired with some special goodies.

Thankfully my aunt loves me and I got what I had been pining over for a month. 

I was in desperate need of a new travel make-up bag to carry in my purse/tote bag on an everyday basis and this one is perfect. It's soft, not too big but not too small; it's perfect for carrying the every day essentials. 

With the bag came two adorable Lilly containers (which I have no idea what I'll use them for), a mascara, eye cream, neck cream, Advanced Night Repair, and a lipstick (I got the Exotic Orchid Shade, a light red color).

The quality of Estee Lauder is perfection and my love for Lilly is only growing.

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