I've mentioned before that I am a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma and we are currently putting our new members through the new member education process.

During new member ed., the girls get their bigs and it is such an exciting time!

We got 10 new Phi Sig babies this semester and my chapter is one of the smaller national ones with only 42 sisters. We did though have a number of girls who were up for a little so I was nervous that it would get too competitive.

I was only initiated one year ago and there were plenty of older girls who had seniority over me so I didn't think I was going to get a little.

Well, I thought wrong and last week I revealed myself to my most precious and perfect little, Tina.

I spent the weekend leading up to reveal crafting for my little and it was some of the most fun (and stressful) I've experienced.

It's difficult to explain but having a little is similar to having a child, I felt like I was shopping for a new born baby.

I crafted so much and made so many different goodies for my perfect babyangel. 

I went to two stores to buy my crafting supplies: Michaels and The Christmas Tree Shop.

At Michaels, I bought my paints and decorations, and a few wood and glass products. At the Christmas Tree Shop, I purchased all my picture frames and glasses that I decorated.

On the glasses, I used Sharpie Paint markers in blue, yellow, purple, and pink; they worked wonderfully and it was really easy to write out words...a lot easier than using any other type of paint.

For the wooden products such as the PSS and the pin box, I used regular acrylic paints. After painting them, I put some mod podge on top to use as a glue and sprinkled as much glitter as I could on top, making it sparkle. 

The one mistake I made with the glitter was that I didn't secure the glitter with an adhesive spray so it was a mess, glitter everywhere.

One of my favorite products was the bowl I made; I made a glitter glue out of mod podge and glitter, mixed it together in a cup and then painted the inside of the bowl. I let it dry for a few hours and it came out beautifully...I've never seen anything like it.

The tradition in my chapter is to decorate a keepsake box for your little and that was another one of my favorite parts.

I really enjoyed crafting for my little; it was such a wonderful experience to give back when my own big has given me so much. 

Here's two slideshows of all the crafty goods I made ! Check them out!

Getting a little is the most precious part of being in a sorority and I'm so excited for the journey that lies ahead!

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