Being away at college is a completely different experience than staying home, living in your parents house and commuting. 

I will always persuade people to go away to college because it'll be the best four years of your life.

Nonetheless, being away at school is not just partying and living on your own; you still need to attend class and be a prepared student.

Aside from the typical dorm supplies such as mattress pads, bins, shoe racks, and an adorable comforter, I still love having all the great essentials needed for class.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Planner
I've expressed my love for this planner more than once. It's amazing
and it keeps me CRAZY organized. I'm in love!

2. Maybooks
Another thing I've gone overboard with talking about. I always feel the 
need to have at least one extra notebook on hand at all times.
I have an excessive problem of making lists and sometimes
you just need more room to write other things; Maybooks
is perfect for that.

3. Vera Bradley Tote Bag
I have a bag problem; I would much rather spend money
on a good bag or tote than clothes any day.
My Vera tote is PERFECT for school; not too big,
not too small and they come in so many different
styles and patterns. Plus, because of the fabric it's made with, the straps
don't hurt your shoulders. I LOVE my Vera bag!

4. Eco Friendly Cup
I like bringing coffee or water with me to class and my Lilly Pulitzer
eco cup is great. I had a smaller one last year but I drink
so much water, I just had to keep refilling it. The Lilly cup
is so pretty in Navy Bloomers and a lot bigger than most

5. Vera Bradley Laptop Case
If you don't have a laptop case to protect your precious baby, you
are stupid. Seriously, it's necessary to have a good laptop case to carry 
your laptop around campus in. Vera's cases are cute, pretty big, and
a great material. Basically anything from Vera is a A+ in my book.

6. ID Carded Wristlet
This is #1 in my book; all I carry on campus is my Lilly Pulitzer
Wristlet. I don't carry a bag (unless I'm headed to class) or a wallet, this is all you need.
It fits your phone, ID, cash, and credit cards, even a slot for a little lipgloss.
It's awesome!

Aside from these essentials, a great pencil pouch, a tiny makeup bag, and the typical stuff 
like pens, notebooks, and a great binder.

These things will keep you more organized and ensure that you'll 
have a great year. 

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