If you haven't noticed, monograms are taking over the world! Everywhere I look, I see another monogrammed product!

In truth though, you can really monogram anything and everything; I have truly caught onto the obsession.

When I noticed the trend a few weeks back, I immediately needed a monogrammed SOMETHING and came across this fabulous site SwellCaroline which has beautiful jewelry and some wonderful monogrammed products.

I thought they had the best deal for an acrylic monogrammed necklace so I purchased it, a small acrylic monogrammed necklace in Ivory with a sterling silver chain. I thought it was a reasonable price and I really wanted it so I treated myself.

The necklace arrived about a month and a half later because of the personalization of it but it was well worth the wait! I've worn it to death by now and I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on it.

I'm so thrilled with the purchase!

More monogrammed goodness...Maybooks.com. I've spoken about this wonderful company before and my thoughts still stand.

The quality of their notebooks is incredible and the customization is on point.

When shopping for a notebook from Maybooks, you can put your trusty monogram on the cover in two different styles of script.

Having these eco friendly, gorgeous notebooks at my side are going to make my school year A LOT better.

I've found some other amazing monogrammed products that are on my wish list.

DKM Accessories is another great site with beautiful jewelry that I've fallen in love with. They have this gorgeous monogrammed bracelet. It's a bit above my price range but I'm putting it on my Christmas List because it's too beautiful and perfect to not have on my wrist.

Also on DKM, they have a great stretch monogrammed ring. It's a pretty good price and I've seen other people review it and it seems to have great quality. This is another thing on my wish list.

Finally, what phone isn't complete without a monogrammed phone case? I am patiently awaiting a purchase of an iPHONE (which will hopefully be coming within the next three weeks) and one of the first things I'll do is order a monogrammed phone case!

I found this adorable website, Three Hip Chicks which is a great preppy website for all your prepster purchases.

They have a GREAT selection of phone cases; there are so many choices to choose from and the prices are definitely within a reasonable price range.

Monograms are a classic "trend" that are never going to stray far away. Monograms seem to be here to stay.

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  1. I love your acrylic monogram necklace! I have the same one on a gold chain :)

    If you're looking for a gold monogrammed bracelet, the etsy shop Marinette Jewelry has SUPER cute ones for a lot cheaper. I really like this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/95270149/58-in-monogram-side-attached-on-gold

    Have a good weekend!! :)

  2. thank you so much!! I'm definitely going to look into that bracelet, it's gorgeous! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Love your necklace!!!


  4. Hi Briana! Thanks so much for mentioning Three Hip Chicks on your blog! We are obsessed with monograms too and don't go anywhere without our monogrammed iPhone cell cases! You are definately one HIP CHICK!!!

    xoxo Christine, Heather and Chris-the Three Hip Chicks!