September 25, 2020

Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 39

 Welp, another week, another gross miscarriage of justice for Black people. I'm devastated for Breonna Taylor, for her family, for the people of Louisville and for the world. If it's exhausting for me, I can't imagine how exhausting it is for Black people and POC. Please, just remember to vote AND pay attention to your local elections/politics. While the President is responsible for a lot, it comes down to your local government and that is where real change begins.

In other news, the week was hard for a multitude of other reasons. I think it was just the normal Covid slump and feeling like the world is crashing... 2020, right? 

However, I will be having some sense of normalcy this weekend and hopefully going apple picking. A little fresh air really does the body and mood wonders! 

September 23, 2020

Book Review Wednesday: The Suicide House by Charlie Donela

Last year around the same time, I wrote a review of Charlie Donlea's novel, "Some Choose Darkness" and I raved about it. It was such a good novel and I highly recommend it.

That's why when I saw Charlie Donlea's new novel, "The Suicide House" on NetGalley and that it was a 'sequel' to "Some Choose Darkness", I knew I had to read it. This wasn't a direct sequel to the first book but used two of the same characters, Rory and Lane, as the catalysts. There were mentions to the story that happened in the first novel but you definitely didn't have to read the first book to read "The Suicide House." 

I read this book incredibly fast, within a few days because it was a story that I couldn't put down. 

September 22, 2020

Tuesday Inspiration: What I've Learned During Quarantine

 I've been moving this post around on my editorial calendar for the past few months because I didn't know when it felt right to write something like this. This year, with the pandemic, has been truly been horrifying. Who would've thought that a virus could shut down the entire world? This was something that I never even imagined and something that never crossed my mind as a possibility. 

Back in March, I was already feeling horrible about the year; my aunt passed away and my boyfriend broke up with me so I wasn't thrilled about 2020 to start with. Now, every day seems to get worse and there has been a huge effect on my mental health. 

When this all started and we were on full lockdown here in NYC, it felt like you were in a horror movie. I remember I went back to my office at the end of March (I needed to grab some items) and the streets were empty... I'm not exaggerating; aside from a few delivery men, I was the only person on the street. It felt like a movie set... it felt like someone was making a movie about New York and this was their fake New York. If you are in Manhattan every day, with crowded streets and loud noises, and full of life, to see the city like that was a shock to the system.

September 21, 2020

Manicure Monday: Olive & June PSL Mani Kit

I mentioned last week that I was waiting for an order from Olive & June to come in. I've experimented with Olive & June nail polish in the past and was less than impressed but I'm always willing to give products a second chance.

When Olive & June released their Fall nail polish colors, I was pretty excited. They released some stunning shades but also I loved the way they paired the colors together. Seeing colors mixed or on actual nails always makes the world of difference for me when purchasing a color.

I was contemplating which colors to purchase when I saw this photo of the Pumpkin Spice Ombre Kit I decided to just purchase the entire kit. It retails for $45 and comes with 4 colors and a topcoat. $9 a polish is exactly what I pay for Essie and OPI and I loved that I had all the colors I wanted in one little kit.