When looking back at my brand buzz posts I was surprised to see that I have never, not once, done a round-up of Charlotte Tilbury. I was shocked because it is the beauty brand I purchase from most often and I figured that at least within the past 3-4 years I would've talked about my all-time favorite products from the brand. 

Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite beauty brand of all time and I will buy anything they put out. Charlotte Tilbury, the person, is a world-renowned makeup artist who has taken over the beauty world with her innovative, beautiful, luxurious makeup and skincare. It all started a few years ago with her cult-classic lipsticks, especially the award-winning shade, Pillow Talk which is known for being universally flattering.

Her empire has since expanded to include even more lipstick formulas, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, skincare, and everything in between. There is something about her products, about the marketing, about the way she speaks about makeup that makes me lose my mind. Charlotte Tilbury and her band of celebrity ambassadors could sell me a water bottle and I would buy it.

You might think I'm a sucker but there are very few things from the brand that I do not like. Everything I try, which is most of her products, I like and continue to repurchase. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to include them all on this list but I cut it down to only include the items that I truly love, use consistently, and have repurchased. 

 Friday, Friday, Friday... thank God it's Friday! This was such a weird week, I don't even know where the time went. I was working from home most of the week and went into the office for a bit on Thursday. I'm also dealing with a terrible backache which I think is a mix between my period and a bad mattress.

It's so bad that I can't even bend down and it's hard to walk. I'm praying it goes away soon because it's really painful.

Anyways... I don't think there is much else to say, I'm blanking pretty hard right now so I'll just dive right into the roundup.

Thriller is my favorite genre of book, ever. I like it more than I like reading romance and I will never think something is too intense or too scary for me to read. I have read some of the weirdest, most disturbing novels and I love each one. 

It's very weird since, in real life, I am a cautionary tale. I am very careful, very scared, and always looking over my shoulder. I won't even go throw the garbage out at night and will park in front of a fire hydrant if there are no spots in front of my house. 

When this book, The Children on the Hill by Jennifer McMahon, came across my email with a link to a Netgalley ARC I was intrigued. It didn't sound like anything I have ever read before and when I see something unique I tend to be drawn to it.

I immediately accepted the arc and got to reading. Well, I ate this book up and was surprised at how much I liked it since it is a step outside my comfort zone. The Children on the Hill is a modern retelling of Frankenstein so it has an element of supernatural mixed with the classic mystery thriller I'm used to.

When you combine both you get a really interesting, thrilling, and twisted story.

 Mental Health Awareness month is so important to me because I struggle so much with mental health. It is so empowering to me that so many other people around the world struggle with the same things I do and I am so grateful to live in a time where speaking about your mental health is normal. 

Perhaps I am lucky because I grew up in a household where mental health struggles were normal. Whenever I was feeling sad, anxious, or just out of sorts, those feelings weren't pushed away. Because my family members understood what I was going through my feelings were taken seriously and they pushed me to get better. 

I've been extremely open with my issues on the blog and social media over the years. I have never been ashamed that I have anxiety and depression because I have never felt shame around it.  The last time I gave an update was in May 2021, aka the last Mental Health Awareness Month so I guess we're making this a tradition.

The theme of Olive & June's Spring 2022 was on-brand with Bridgerton and the entire grand millennial vibe. I have been thoroughly enjoying that aesthetic and I couldn't pass up the chance to add to my collection. 

I am slowly but surely replacing all of my nail polish to be Olive & June because I don't think anything compares to this polish formula. I feel as if it's better than Essie and OPI combined; they are easy to apply, aren't patchy, and don't bleed onto your cuticles. I also think they dry a lot faster and smudge less than other brands. 

Another week, the start of another month and I'm still feeling out of sorts. This week was a whirlwind and I can't even process everything that happened. It started off so strong with Met Gala Monday; I was so excited and it was honestly perfect... until the Supreme Court document leaked and womens' autonomy over our own bodies is near the end. That threw me for a loop and it was just so enraging and upsetting.

I don't really have the proper words to explain how I feel but no one should be forced to give birth; it doesn't matter if you were raped, if the condom broke, if the fetus or your own life are in danger... we have the right to choose what happens. You can't donate organs without consent, even if you're healthy when you die. It's just outrageous and I can't wrap my head around it.

I donated to Planned Parenthood but there are so many other state and local abortion funds to donate to. I'll share a few articles below that have great information.

In other words... the Johnny Depp trial has captivated my attention and it's all I'm thinking about, I'm addicted and enthralled.  I could talk about it for hours but I won't go into it; the only thing I'll say is justice for Johnny Depp.

Let's get into the round up...

 I have always been someone who will take a pill to make me feel better. I don't really care if that is right or wrong, it's just how I feel. Modern medicine has come such a long way and as long as you do your research, talk with your doctor, and make a decision that is right for you, I think why not. 

If I'm sick I always want to feel better. I will take anything to make a headache or a stomachache go away. I don't want to be in pain so if I could take two Advil I will. 

That idea has also come with me in my wellness journey and how I feel about supplements and vitamins. I am not someone who loves vegetables and I'm allergic to every single fruit so I always need the extra vitamin and minerals from elsewhere. 

Over the years I've been pretty good about taking a multi-vitamin but this year when I went off birth control (separate post for a separate day) I had some crazy side effects and I felt like I needed to take better control of my own health. 

That is what inspired this post... my experience with a new wellness routine, including some new products and some that I've been using for at least a year. 

Please note that I am not a doctor or have any medical education, this is just what works for me right now.