Design Diaries: Coffee Table Books

August 24, 2016

I've had a blast decorating my room over the past month and it's pretty much complete. I know decorating is never finished, as times and seasons change, your design will change as well.

When moving into my new room, I knew I wanted to decorate with coffee table books. I think they're so chic to have in various places around the room, and I'm already such a big book worm.

They were some of the first pieces I looked at for decor and they've become my favorite part of my room. I still want to add a few more to the collection, but below are some of my favorites so far:

Love Life Style The Little Book of Skincare Lauren Conrad Beauty
Kate Spade Things We Love Lauren Conrad Style

Below are some of the books on my wishlist! 

What are your favorite coffee table books?


Dry Shampoo Review: Nexxus

August 22, 2016

I'm always in search of a better product; to me, I am never satisified with the beauty products I have. Do not get me wrong, I have my favorites and items that blow me away, but I know there are always new things that are being released and I just assume they're better than what I have... which is why I'm always buying new products.

While I have holy grail foundations, concealers, etc, there is one beauty product that I'm just not convinced that I've found the right one.

That item is Dry Shampoo.

I've tried really good dry shampoos and really bad ones. I've used dry shampoo for months, been pleased, and then one day it just feels like it's not working anymore. I've used dry shampoos that I know are bad right off the bat.

While I do have my favorites, I'm always searching for the next best thing.

That's why I was so excited to receive a Dry Shampoo VoxBox from Influenster. I received the Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist; I LOVE Nexxus because they're sold in the drugstore but have that high end feel; even though the products do come with a higher price tag, I am more drawn to these products.

I had a feeling that I would really enjoy this dry shampoo & so far, I was right.

The mist is very fine so I feel like I have more control over how much product I'm putting into my hair. I never go crazy with the dry shampoo because my scalp is very sensitive and I don't like too much product build up.

Nexxus claims that it removes oils from your roots without leaving visible residue, which I can attest for. It's completely invisible and not heavy at all on your hair. Sometimes I can feel the dry shampoo minutes after I put it in my hair, or when I touch my hair, it feels greasy.

This Nexxus one does not do any of that .

It also smells like a Bath and Body Works candle without being overpowering and I'm kind of obsessed.

As for right now, I really like this dry shampoo and I think I will be repurchasing after this HUGE bottle is done. I would also say this is better than some high end dry shampoos I've tried!

What is your current favorite dry shampoo?

Weekly Wrap Up

August 20, 2016

The heat wave is officially over... I think aka I hope! It's back to regular summer weather, for the time being.

Did I mention that I can't wait for fall? It's a mere month away and it cannot come soon enough. Give me riding boots and sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

In other news, this week was incredibly long and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I'm headed to the beach for a family party, and next week I'm headed to QVC for work. It's always fun to travel for work and I haven't since April so it'll be good to get back.

Another random tidbit, I bought a Keurig from QVC this week. I've been toying with the idea of a Keurig or Nespresso for a few weeks now and decided that a Keurig was just better at this point. While a regular coffee pot is fine, I've always loved a Keurig and especially with the winter months coming up, I felt like I wanted something different.

While a Nespresso would be so nice and SO fancy (my ultimate goal), it seemed a little complicated to use and a little out of my price range. By buying a Keurig on QVC, I was able to spend less than $100 and pay in ezpay installments, which QVC is known for.

(No this is not sponsored by QVC haha)

Anyways... I was published twice on TheHauteMess this week:

Morning Routine Tips to Maximize Your Workday Hustle
4 Ways To Sweat-Proof Your Makeup


I'm having such a great time writing for them; it's such a fun, quirky website -- something I really can identify with. I think a lot of you would enjoy the site; it's made for young women, by young women, and gives such great advice about career, organization, beauty, DIY, and everything we want to know about.

Before this post gets super long, here's what I loved this week:

Enjoy the weekend! 


Beauty in Review: Tarte Frixxxtion Stick

August 18, 2016

It's not very often that I get on here and discuss one stand out beauty product. I usually do a roundup of products, a focus on a specific category of product, or my current favorites.

Rarely I do single item posts *unless it's a sponsored post*, but this one needed a spotlight.

A few weeks ago I felt like my skin was looking kind of dull. It didn't feel like it was getting cleansed the proper way, and it felt clogged. My other cleansers weren't getting the job done and I wanted something new. I felt like my skin needed a good change.

That's when I got onto Sephora's website and started looking at cleansers. I noticed a trend amongst the products in front of me, something I hadn't seen before: cleansing sticks.

I knew cleansing sticks were an upcoming trend but I didn't really understand them. It's just a solid cleanser that you run across your face? Do you rub it in? What does it feel like?

Well, I can't pass up a new beauty trend so I decided to pick up the Tarte Frixxtion Cleansing Stick. It's a charcoal, exfoliating cleanser and the charcoal intrigued me. I know charcoal is great for the skin (I use charcoal masks all the time) but have never tried a charcoal cleanser. I thought this would be the perfect thing to make my skin feel better.

The reviews were fantastic on Sephora's website and I had seen a Youtube review or two about this product. The price was right at $22 so I couldn't pass it up.

Tarte describes this as a 3-in-1 cleanser that can also be used as a mask (I haven't tried it that way yet). It exfoliates, cleanses, and removes impurities; it gets deep into your pores to get a really great clean. It's hypoallergenic and vegan while also removing oils and reducing shine. (this is all paraphrased from Sephora's website).

I can attest to everything Tarte says!

I've never really tried Tarte skincare expect for their Maracuja Oil which I was allergic to and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this cleansing stick.

I use it mostly in the shower because of the easy application; I just wet my face, glide the stick across my forehead, cheeks, and chin, and rub it in. At first the cleanser feels gentle and once you start to scrub, you can feel the exfoliating beads start working.

After rinsing my face, my skin has never felt better. It was smooth, clean, and actually looked healthier. I've been religiously using this every night and my skin looks good and feels good. I immediately feel like my skin is 10x healthier after washing my face with this.

If you're in need of a new cleanser, don't mind shelling out $22 at Sephora, and just want something that will show you results in a few weeks, this is for you. You can always return it if it turns out NOT to be for you, but with the heat, sweat, and makeup clogging my pores (not to mention the pollution from the NYC subway), my skin feels incredible after cleansing with this.

My next step is to use this as a mask and pick up another cleansing stick ASAP!

What's the latest beauty trend you've tried and loved?


Wishlist Wednesday: Beauty Wishlist

August 17, 2016

Another wishlist Wednesday is here...and its the beauty edition! I love putting these together because I am constantly looking at what new beauty products are out on the market... it's my job as a social media coordinator & blogger to know what the trends are and what is being released.

I never want to keep these things to myself because what's the fun in that? I'm in the market for a good beauty buy; ever since moving, I haven't spent any money on makeup because I've been buying decor items (and some fall clothes!)

That's why this may seem like a long list... because Sephora is calling my name!

Has anyone ever tried any of these beauty products? What are your thoughts? Give me some reviews before I waste my money ;)