Brand Buzz: Skyn Iceland

October 25, 2016

I've talked many times about my love of Skyn Iceland, but never have done a Brand Buzz on the brand and their products.

I discovered this brand about two years ago, and I purchased their Skin Hangover Kit; I've mentioned before how much I love anything having to do with the word "hangover" and beauty. It's a weird obsession but it's ok.

Skyn Iceland is made for stressed skin, and gives you the products to keep your skin healthy

The one item I truly fell in love with was the Hydro Cooling Eye Gels. I've purchased so many packs of these, and have tried to find a less expensive version, but nothing ever measures up. These are by far my favorite eye gel patches, because they are very cooling, and do have that gel texture but don't slip and slide all over your face. They have a good hold on your skin, and leave the greatest feeling behind. If you take anything away from this post, go buy these eye gels.

As for the rest of the items.... I really love the Arctic Hydrating Balm. It's my morning moisturizer and has been for quite a few months. It's lightweight, but still super moisturizing, and doesn't leave behind any residue. It works well underneath my makeup and sometimes I don't even use a primer with it, and it still is incredible.

Speaking of primer.... the Pure Pore Minimizer works fantastic to fill in pores. Some days when I want a no makeup, makeup look, I'll throw this on my t-zone and cheeks and it gives a smooth, flawless finish. It doesn't have that much of a silicone feeling, but still gets the job done. It's one of my favorite pore filling primers.

Lastly, I love the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. It came in the Skin Hangover Kit, and I've misplaced it somehow but it's still an awesome product from what I remember. It gives a slight cooling effect, and makes your under-eye look pretty dam good, especially when you didn't get that much sleep. It also works well under makeup, which is a good feature to have in an eye cream.

There are some things that haven't worked for me, such as the Gentle Cleansing Cloths & the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, but that's just me.. my skin is uber sensitive so it may work for you!

Below are some items that I really want to try in the near future!

What is your favorite skincare brand?

Manicure Monday: Ombre Nail Look

October 24, 2016

I've always been into experimenting with my nail polish, whether it was wearing black nail polish when I was 14 because that was trendy, or doing a glitter accent nail, or even trying my hand at nail art... I like to be different.

That's why, when I saw this photo, a retweet from Essie, I got inspired. I've seen this type of "ombre" nail look done before, but I've never done it.


I knew exactly what colors to do, and immediately got to town painting my nails.

I used OPI IsabelleTway, Essie Mink Muffs & Essie Jazz; the key to this look is finding colors that are in the same family, but aren't too different. You could also probably throw in a 4th color but I kept it simple for the first time around.

I haven't been this in love with a nail look in a while and I think I will continue to do this forever. I loved this look so much that I had to write this Manicure Monday right now; I was going to wait for next week since I already had a post scheduled for this morning but it could not wait!

I can't wait to play around with more colors in my collection.

What is your favorite nail look for fall?

Weekly Wrap Up

October 21, 2016

This was a long week... a trip to New Jersey, a trip up to my alma mater death in the family, a funeral, a hectic work week, and a mental break down here or there, and I'm happy it's Friday.

Last weekend I was away from home, and the next 3 weekends I'm busy so this is my last free weekend for a while, and I'm looking forward to staying in, going to the gym, and relaxing.

It's supposed to rain and be gloomy, and it sounds like a great pre-Halloween weekend to curl up with books, Hocus Pocus, tea, and fall candles.


Well, enough of my pipe dreams for the weekend (I'm a real exciting 23 year old, I know)... I don't have much else to say so I'll get right to what I loved this week:

What you missed this week on Royally Pink:
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Have a great weekend everyone! 

Thursday Inspiration

October 20, 2016

I'm writing this as I'm curled up in bed, coming down from a panic attack & watching Hocus Pocus, while eating apple pie.

Got a good picture in your head?

Well, I just hit rock bottom with my money situation. After a rather rough week, I've hit the edge and jumped off the cliff. I feel helpless and lost, and it's effecting me greatly.

I got crazy for a minute tonight, talked it out with my mom and sat down making 100 budgets for myself.

Do I feel better? Yes, but that doesn't change the fact that I need to stop spending money and need to save. I can't get 4 packages delivered to my house every other day. I have too much stuff, and it's not healthy.

It's not smart either.

I'm 23 years old and ruining my credit score, and my financial well being.

I've never been this frank and blunt about my financial struggle here, because well, it's a blog & you only show the good stuff. I show you what I buy, not why I buy or the buyers remorse that comes afterwards.

But right now I'm raw & real, and talking about the one thing that causes me a lot of anxiety and unhappiness.

I can't really form coherent thoughts about money right now, so I will leave you with this:

Book Review Wednesday: Truly, Madly, Guilty

October 19, 2016

Liane Moriarty is probably my favorite author, and I've done a book review on every single book of hers. I've read one of her books, and listened to the rest of them, and they are some of my favorite books ever.

They all take place in Australia, and they all have a really cool twist. They are definitely not boring books, and always are keeping your attention. My two favorite books by her are "What Alice Forgot" and "The Last Anniversary". They were really interesting storylines, and GREAT twists.

I've been BUSTING for her to release another book because I flew through all her books a while ago. When I found out that Moriarty was releasing "Truly, Madly, Guilty", I put it on my Audible wish list and purchased it the moment it was released.

I will say that this book didn't disappoint, but it definitely wasn't my favorite.

It centers around a three families who are all together at a BBQ and something truly tragic happens. At the beginning, you do not know what the tragic event is, and you don't find out until more than halfway through the book.

It did go a little slow, and it was a little annoying because I just wanted to know what the big twist was. I also felt that the entire book, leading up to the reveal, was a tad bit dramatic.

The book also jumped back and forth from past to present; so before the BBQ, and then after the BBQ. That's something I'm used to in suspenseful novels, but this time around, it kind of bothered me.

I tried to figure out what the big twist was, but I was stumped every time I tried to think of something that would warrant the dramatic reactions of all the characters.

When I found out what the twist was, I was a little annoyed because even though it was a tragic twist, it still didn't feel like it warranted such dramatic, and over the top reactions from everyone in the book.

There were a few interesting subplots in the novel, like surrogacy, job searches, and even a subcharacter having a hoarding problem, which was probably the most interesting to me.

Do I think this was worth the read? Yes, definitely.

Do I think it was in the top 5 of Lianne Moriarty's novels? Nope.

What books have you read recently?