December 15, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 44

Boy, what a week! A lot happened and I'm happy to say hello to Friday, the weekend, and almost 1 week until Christmas! I so need a vacation so I can't wait to lay up on my couch for almost two weeks.

Even though the week was hard, I think the blog content was very festive & fun. I really enjoyed writing it so it was nice to see it well received. I wrote all of the posts Saturday night while I watched Christmas movies, sat by the Christmas tree, and as it snowed outside. It felt really good to have things scheduled and not have to worry about it during the week...

Which is why there was no post yesterday. With the crazy, emotionally insane week, I just didn't have the head to sit down and finish a post... but that is usually what happens when I don't have a post go up.

One of the reasons I was nuts this week was because it was my dad's birthday on Sunday, and I really just miss him. Grief is a funny thing and it sneaks up on you... I've written about it once but I feel like it deserves another post, an update on my grief. That's probably the most blogger thing I've ever written but writing helps me in every aspect of life.

This weekend will be a busy one; I have a family reunion of sorts tonight in Manhattan, and then I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and will head back into the city to go to the Louis Vuitton exhibit which will be so much fun.

I also still need to finish Christmas shopping because it really is sneaking up on me... there is just so much to do and so little time, and so little motivation.

It snowed yesterday too!

Anyways, here are my links for the week:

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Have a great weekend everyone!

December 13, 2017

Blogmas Day 5: Gift Guide for the Brunch Lover

This can be the brunch lover or the Champagne lover because I am both and as far as I'm concerned, brunch & champs go hand in hand.

My drink of choice is now a mimosa and I can always go for a glass of Champagne whether it's morning, noon, or night.

I think the reason I love brunch so much is that I like day drinking, food, my friends, and being able to come home early. I hate going out at night to a bar... who decided that it was a good idea to go out at 10 PM and come home at 2 or 3? I'd much rather kill a day and come home at 5 or 6 PM. At least you have the rest of the night to relax or do something, that is if you're not too drunk.

Brunch has really become a phenomenon in recent years and there is so much fun, brunch themed items. None of these are really big ticket items but are fun little gifts to get your friends or put in someone's stocking.


December 12, 2017

Blogmas Day 4: Fashion Files, Christmas Sweaters

It's no secret that I love the winter and I love winter clothes. I've been blissfully happy that it's been so cold and I can wear my heavy winter coats. As I write this, it's snowing outside and I can't wait to wear a hat and gloves tomorrow.

The thing I love most about winter clothes is all the fun, festive clothing that comes out during the holidays. I don't mean Santa costumes or hats, but I mean the fun sweaters, socks, and other clothing items that come out to show off your love for this holiday.

As I write this, I'm wearing a Noel sweatshirt that I got last year from ILY Couture and it's so comfortable and I just feel very festive wearing it.

The trend of graphic tees has trickled over into the holiday season so there is plenty to choose from.

*Clearly Target has a great selection of holiday stuff

Stars Hollow Winter Sweatshirt
ILY Couture Morning Person
ILY Couture Noel Sweatshirt

What Christmas/holiday sweaters are your favorite?

December 11, 2017

Blogmas Day 3: Gifts for the Planner in Your Life

I swore I wasn't going to do a gift guide this year but then I was inspired by my own imagination and decided I'd do a few, based on a few different personalities that I think are fun.

Now, these could be gifts for you, or for anyone else but they're definitely gifts for someone who loves to plan; gifts for the type A individual in your life, for those who are always paying strict attention to detail and who always have their ducks in a row *or at least like to*

I am that person; I have 4 different planners and am almost overwhelmed by the number of notebooks I have but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I think planners are the easiest people to shop before because they appreciate the little things that might not seem like gifts to others.  You can go to almost any store and find something whimsical and practical for the planner in your life.

Ted Baker Pen

What are your picks for the planner type?

December 8, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 43

Another week is over, the first full week of December and we're one day closer to Christmas. Since I hit my twenties, I feel like Christmas has never felt like Christmas but I make the most out of it every year. I thought this year would feel different because I was REALLY looking forward to it, but I am feeling the same.

It just doesn't feel like Christmas. I don't feel like I'm in the Christmas spirit -- maybe because it's a little warmer than usual. I'm doing my best, watching Freeform 25 Days of Christmas & sitting by the Christmas tree, but I feel like I really need to focus on being in the Christmas mood.

Does anyone else feel like that?

The Newsette has a new website & it's so cool!
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Also, has anyone else been addicted to playing HQ? I'm in the middle of a game right now and I'm so competitive with myself. I've only gotten up to question 6 on all my games and I get so frustrated -- I just want to win!

Last weekend I went out for my 25th birthday and my goodness, was it a lot of fun. I also got very, very sick so you know it was a good time.

This week, Mercury went into retrograde and boy did I feel it. I've been getting more into astrology lately and I really like it, it's very calming and comforting.

Ok, I will stop rambling... here are my links for the week!

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Have a great weekend everyone!