November 20, 2017

Going All Natural with Seventh Generation

This post is sponsored by Seventh Generation and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own! 

Even though I recently lost 20+ pounds on Weight Watchers, my lifestyle is far from 'healthy'. I still don't eat too many fruits & vegetables and I haven't gotten on board with clean eating.

Despite all of that, one aspect of my life where I have found to be easy and seamless to go organic and clean is through feminine care products.

YUP, I'm talking about tampons.

Truth be told, I only started using tampons about 4 years ago because I was terrified. I had read too many articles in CosmoGirl when I was a tween/teen about Toxic Shock Syndrome and swore off tampons the moment I got my first period.

When I started using tampons, I used one specific type and didn't think much about using anything else. Then, this wellness craze took over the world and we all realized that what is in our tampons is probably not the safest for our bodies.

Once I read up on the importance of organic tampons I knew it was a switch I was willing to make.

*Even if you don't care about the bodily importance of an organic tampon, it's better for the earth and is just as useful as recycling your water bottle.

I mean, no one should be putting chlorine directly into their bodies once a month. That just doesn't sound safe or sanitary. All of the chemicals in our feminine care products are doing damage that we cannot see so it's hard to really imagine the dangers, but it's a change that you can make very easily. You aren't really changing anything about your lifestyle... just using a different brand.

I have to suggest Seventh Generation who has been making organic feminine care products for over 10 years. They were always a front-runner in making sure women knew exactly what was in the products they were putting into their body every month. They have nothing to hide because they're using good for you materials to make their products.

All the tampons are free of chlorine processing, fragrances, and deodorants which I can really appreciate because my skin is super sensitive. They're also hypoallergenic which is just an added bonus for everyone.

Seventh Generation's Organic Tampons have a smooth, BPA free plastic applicator so it'll feel like your regular tampon applicators; they're also made with 95% plant-based materials and no petroleum-based sources (which ew!) so they're safe for the planet as well.

You can find these tampons at your local Target, and they come in regular and super so you will not have a problem with any of that stuff.

Going organic with your feminine care products is better for you, and better for the earth!


November 17, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 41

Happy Friday! Another week has passed and it's time for the weekend. Will I ever stop looking forward to the weekend? I don't know and that's quite sad.

This week was super duper long: a photo shoot on Monday, after work drinks on Tuesday, and just an exhausting Wednesday & Thursday filled with a lot of gut-wrenching too personal for the blog stuff. I am taking the weekend to rest and recharge, and work a little and I simply cannot wait.

I'm going to go shopping at Target and Bath & Body Works today to get some Christmas stuff and also get some Thanksgiving stuff together. We are less than a week away from my favorite holiday of the year, and my birthday is a week after that!

I have a fun little birthday giveaway as well as a heartfelt post to celebrate my 25th birthday so keep an eye out for that. I also have a few fun posts coming before the end of the month and I cannot wait to post them!!

So, I was a model this week. We did a photoshoot for work for some new products and they needed an extra model so look who got done up??

Like am I the next Gigi Hadid? I think so! 

I got a new blog planner & it's too cute for words!

Anyways... here is what I loved this week! 
What you missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great weekend!


November 15, 2017

Royal Recipes: Weight Watchers Biscuits

As I mentioned last week, I love sweets and carbs so trying to distance myself from all my favorite breakfast foods while I'm on Weight Watchers was going to be an issue.

I searched Pinterest high & low for breakfast recipes that would satisfy my hearty carb craving and when I stumbled upon these easy to make biscuits, I immediately made them. They are originally a recipe for Cheddar Cheese biscuits but I opt out of that and take off 1-2 points.

They are so delicious and you would never know the difference between these and regular, fatty biscuits.

It also only takes 2 ingredients: Reduced Fat/Heart Smart Bisquick and low-fat milk. I use Almond Milk because I just like it better and I like to think that it's fewer calories and a little more healthy than low-fat milk.


  • 2 cups Reduced Fat/HeartSmart Bisquick
  • 3/4 low-fat/soy/almond/fat-free milk

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Spray cookie sheet with Pam Cooking Spray
  • Combine ingredients and mix until you have a solid dough. *It will feel a bit sticky and like glue but that's ok*
  • Spoon drop the biscuits onto the greased cookie sheet
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the tops start to golden 

There you go! You have some delicious, low-fat biscuits.

But what are the Weight Watchers points? 

The original recipe with the cheddar cheese and low-fat buttermilk say the biscuits are 3 points each. I knock off about 1.5 points because I don't use the cheese and I use almond milk.

Typically my biscuits are 2 points and then if it's a small biscuit, 1 point.

So there you go! Easy, low fat, low point biscuits to keep you on track with your diet/lifestyle.

Happy baking!

November 14, 2017

Holiday Beauty Launches: Fall/Winter 2017

I didn't realize it until I started working in the beauty industry but in retail, the holiday season starts at the end of September and that is usually when you start seeing all the beauty companies putting out their holiday sets.

It can be very overwhelming to log onto the New Arrivals section of Sephora and Ulta during the holidays because there are so many sets and limited edition product to choose from. Most companies don't release permanent items during this time but may introduce something that is limited edition to get an idea of how customers react to it.

While the end of September/early October is a little early to really consider holiday shopping (in most cases), I like to scoop up some of the sets I know I definitely want and might sell out. Usually, once holiday sets are sold out, they won't come back in stock. Sometimes though, you get lucky and the retailer does restock. I like to shop early just in case.

I can do this because well, I'm not shopping these sets for other people, I'm shopping for myself LOL.

When I was presented with all my options this year, I knew there wasn't going to be much I wanted. None of the Too Faced or Benefit stuff intrigued me, I don't need or necessarily want a limited edition eyeshadow palette and to put it simply, I don't need a lot of other stuff that's available.

I only picked up two items so far and I'm contemplating a few other ones.

When I saw the eyeshadow palette that Becca was releasing, I wanted that so badly but then after much consideration and a few reviews, I opted against it. I was glad when I did because then I saw the face palette Becca released and fell in love.

First, the packaging is incredible. I'm obsessed with icy blue this season and I think I blame this packaging. I feel like Queen Elsa when I use this palette and I love it! I don't have any of the colors in the palette so it's well worth it for me. The formulas great and the colors are perfect for winter -- I highly recommend picking this palette up if you love Becca, loved limited edition items, and love face palettes!

The other item I purchased was one from Bite Beauty. I got the Champagne Discovery Lip Set because I've been dying to try the lip gloss and Multi Stick lipstick. Also, my love of Champagne things has not faltered this year. It's also three full-size items for $35 so you cannot go wrong with this one.

The outer box is so adorable because it has 'I WISH' embedded in it so it has the touch of holiday cheer without being cheesy. The products inside aren't limited edition and are great quality -- I've been wearing all of them nonstop.

Like I said, I only bought these two holiday items so far but below are some others I have my eye on and some that I think would make great gifts for the beauty lover in your life:

November 13, 2017

Beauty 101: How To Have Healthy Hair in the Fall & Winter

Last week in New York we had a huge cold front. It was super weird because it felt like December weather, not early November. I've mentioned it here before and I'm sure you're not blind to it either: the weather has been wild and it's wrecking havoc on all parts of me: my health, my routine, my skin and my hair.

You never really think it but hair definitely gets affected by the weather; I mean, frizz when it's humid in the summer and static in the winter, it makes sense.

My hair is very sensitive to the weather and change of seasons (like all other parts of me) so I've figured out just how to treat my hair during these trying, colder times. 

There are a few tricks I do, a few products I use, and one tip that is a little more drastic but just hear me out.

1. Clean, healthy scalp: Your scalp should always be clean and clear but sometimes it's hard to keep up with it. It's not just about washing your hair every few days, it's making sure you're using good for you products that won't irritate your scalp. My scalp gets super itchy in the winter, but especially at the start of a new season when the temperature goes up and down. I've talked about my scalp issues before but I just got a new product that I think is going to be very promising. Also, I try to use scalp sensitive shampoos like this Dove one I just picked up. If you have a healthy scalp that is nourished and clean, the rest of your hair will look fabulous. 

2. Heat Protectant: I style my hair very frequently in the winter as opposed to letting it air dry in the summer. Sometimes I will sleep with a wet head but I'm really going to try not too because I just wake up with a cold. No matter what kind of styling you do, you need to protect your hair from becoming a burnt mess. I always spray my hair with a heat protectant, it's usually a multiple use product but there are a lot of good heat protectants out there (I'll link below). The heat protectant will basically protect your hair from any heat and won't let it burn and be damaged. It's a definite must to keep your hair healthy.

3. Frizz & Static: My hair is always a bit frizzy and even though the winter doesn't cause frizz necessarily, sometimes when I'm all bundled up and I start to sweat, my hair frizzes. More than anything, there is so much static that happens when the weather is cold. I always use a hair oil after my hair is styled but there's this new static spray that I really want to try. I also love these EVA NYC sheets to keep in my bag and defrizz and de-static when necessary. 

4. Glaze: This is the drastic thing I was talking about. I've done a glaze a few times during the winter months and it just makes my hair feel so incredible. A glaze is a semi-permanent hair color that coats the hair with color and shine, but you can also get a colorless glaze to just keep the hair nice and shiny. You can read all about glazes here but I really love how it makes my hair feel in the winter! The best part is that it's not permanent so no need to fret!

ESalon sent me these incredible little infographics to share with you. I think they summarize all the important hair facts you need to know, especially how to care for your hair in the fall and winter.

One of my favorite tips is to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. When I get a keratin I have to use these types of shampoos so I usually just use them all year round.

Below are some of my favorite hair care products to use to keep my hair in great condition.

What are your favorite haircare products to keep your locks healthy?