May 23, 2017

Handbag Review: Henri Bendel Stanton Tote

Handbag reviews are probably going to be my favorite series on the blog because I love handbags more than anything in the world and I have a lot.

I went on a Henri Bendel kick a few months back and bought 3 handbags within a few weeks of each other (whoops -- that's what happens when you have a Henri Bendel credit card and they have awesome sales).

I felt like I needed a regular sized everyday handbag. All the bags I've been buying were either tote bags for work or mini handbags. There was nothing I really had in my collection anymore that could be a regular sized everyday bag.

I was buying my aunt a birthday gift (I got her this bag) and saw that the Stanton Top Handle Tote was on sale. I've seen this bag on Henri Bendel's Instagram before and saw that it looked like the Celine Belt Bag, which I adore. Why not just get the cheaper verison from a brand I already love?

The Stanton Top Handle Tote was on sale and I got it for a ridiculous price, and I decided to purchase it in black because believe it or not, I didn't have a black handbag.

I really like this bag -- it's a good size and fits everything you need, and I also really like how it only has one top handle. There's something very uniform and chic about one strap bags. It of course also comes with a shoulder strap which is super handy. The bottom has also four feet that are super handy for when you have to put your bag on the ground; the bottom won't get scratched up or dirty.

The bag is a decent weight, not too heavy or too light and the material is a nice grainy leather. There's one zipper pocket inside along with two smaller pockets which is also a plus. My favorite part is probably the back slip pocket on the outside of the bag because it's a perfect size for your phone and other things you may need in a pinch... which brings me to my next point.

The one con that I have to say about this bag is that the magnetic closure clasp does get a little annoying to keep going in and out of. You can't just leave it open and have easy access. Also, the flap doesn't stay open, you have to hold it up to get in and out of the bag.

Like I said, I like this bag and it's a decent size for everyday. It's just not as practical to get in and out of like a zipper only bag would be.

Do I recommend this bag? Yes definitely but to an extent. If you're not bothered by constantly lifting up a flap and are comfortable just keeping your phone and keys on the outside pocket (which I am). I think it's a sleek, beautiful, simple bag that is high quality, classic yet still trendy!


May 22, 2017

Manicure Monday: MB45 + OPI INFINITE SHINE

Last week I went to a salon in Manhattan for a complimentary blowout and manicure. It's called MB45 and is located in Tribeca. Their whole shtick is that you get a blowout and manicure in 45 minutes; I posted an Instagram gallery all about it last week -- it's definitely worth it in my opinion!

I was not going to do a Manicure Monday post today because it's just been too much but I feel like it's my civic duty to tell you about this.

At MB45 they used the OPI Infinite Shine nail polish which is OPI's version of Essie Gel Couture -- a gel manicure without the LED light.

I've never used this nail polish before so I just assumed it would be like a regular polish; non LED light gel manicures never really last longer than regular polish on me. My nails are just too damaged for that.

Well, I'll be dammed!

It's been one week and there is minimal chipping on my nails. I've never been so impressed with a nail polish formula before.

It was a long week and I was very active with my hands so I'm really shocked that the polish held up well. I could probably last another half a week with this polish and I just might!

The color I got is gorgeous; it's called "From Here to Eternity" and it's the perfect summer pink; it's a hot pink with a touch of coral but not neon, so it's awesome for everyday.

Below is a photo of when I first got my nails done:

Here is a photo of my nails on Sunday, almost a week after the manicure:

I will be running out to purchase a color from this line along with the gel top coat!

Have you ever tried the OPI Infinite Shine? Let me know if your results were the same!


May 19, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 15

Happy Friday! It was another long week at work and I'm very excited for the weekend, even though I will be headed to Pennsylvania for the day tomorrow for another work event. There are so many work things in the next few weeks, it's going to be a whirlwind.

In other news, summer is heating New York early because we're in the midst of a heat wave. I surely was not prepared for it but am sort of happy to see it finally warm up. I do like warm weather, to a point -- just keep the humidity away from me! It also means we're one step closer to fall! 

I can't focus on much more rambling because Grey's Anatomy is currently on and Shonda Rhimes is destroying my life; Therefore, here are my links for the week! 

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!


May 17, 2017

3 Year Post Graduate Update

201I can't believe it's been 3 years to the day that I graudated college. It feels like just yesterday I was still at school, partying and sitting in classrooms, waiting the dreaded day when I would no longer be a student at Iona College.

I would be lying if I said it didn't still hurt and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have anxiety and sadness running through my veins as I write this because I do. Graduating college is the breakup I will never get over; I will forever be the ex-girlfriend who refused to let go.

When I first graduated I went into a severe depression and I'm pretty sure I took it the worst out of all my friends. It wasn't until last year, 2 years in, that I felt ok with not going back to campus and I owe that to the fact that most of my friends were long gone as well, and I was comfortable with my life.

I had a job I loved, I was still hanging out with my friends, and was keeping myself busy. I no longer longed for the feeling of my old apartment or Friday nights at the bar; I was ok.

Today, I am ok but that doesn't mean I don't miss it.

I've visited my campus two times over the past few months to visit old friends and catch up with my sorority sisters and it was glorious. Whenever I drive passed my campus I'm overcome with tears but a true joy. My happiness hits a new level when I drive down North Avenue and I think that's how it will be forever.

When I walk down the street, it doesn't feel like a day has passed. It is so natural for me to be there and to be with my friends.

College made me who I am today; it gave me my friends and it taught me lots of lessons. I had so much fun and those memories will last me a lifetime. College truly was the greatest 4 years of my life, and I'm not being dramatic when I say I don't know if I will ever get that high back.

3 years later, I'm still at the same job I've been at for the past two years, I still talk to all of my friends and we still are creating new memories together. I'm still living at home which is ok with me; I'm not in a rush to move out to a small apartment with roommates when I can live comfortably at home with my mom and sister (who are basically like roommates because we're 3 adults with separate lives and my mom doesn't hound us like a typical mom)

3 years later, I'm coming into my own. I've had a lot of curveballs thrown at me and I'm learning to deal with them on an adult level. I'm not the same girl I was 3 years ago, but part of her will always live inside me because she holds the key to everything I've learned.

This is my Map Necklace, with the address of my college
My aunt who also went to Iona bought this for me for graduation 

I love my school, I love my friends, and I loved my life at Iona College. 3 years later, that has not changed and it never will, but I'm learning to let go a little bit because it's unhealthy to live in the past.

3 years is a long time but not really, because everything is still clear as day.

To all the seniors graduating this year, take it all in. Cherish every minute from now until you walk across the stage. Don't be scared because it will ok... eventually.

To all the rising college students, don't take anything for granted. Do everything you can do to create memories. Stay out till 5 AM if you have an 8 AM class because it won't really matter in a few years; have fun, take a shot, and be involved. Your time is limited at that place you call home and eventually, it will evaporate into thin air but with good people by your side, that home will always live in your heart.


PS: Below is some articles/posts I've written about graduating and post-grad life. I highly recommend reading them if you're scared shitless!

May 16, 2017

Beauty 101: How to Treat Dry Scalp

I've suffered from dry scalp since I was young.. like 11 years old young. All of a sudden, my scalp started to itch and nothing helped. My scalp was flaking and I would have a white dusting on my shirt, which looked like dandruff. I thought that's what I had but the itching was unbearable.

Finally, I went to see a dermatologist and they told me I had psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition which causes your skin cells to build up and that creates dry patches and scaly rashes. It made total sense and just until recently I discovered that psoriasis was not what I had.

Now, I don't think that doctor misdiagnosed me; I think after 13 years, the condition transformed into something else.

However, at the time I began treating my scalp for psoriasis; I used special shampoos, conditioners, styling products, creams; everything under the sun I used. These products would work for a handful of weeks or months but then they stopped and I'd have to move onto something else.

As of a few years ago I kind of just accepted that my head was going to be itchy and my scalp was going to remain in the state that it was in.

It wasn't until recently that I actually found some solutions to my issue and they were helping. My scalp wouldn't get itchy until it was time to wash my hair (I sometimes go 4-6 days without washing my hair because it's so thick, it never gets greasy).

A few months ago I did go to the dermatologist for a check up and told her about my scalp; she prescribed me some medicated shampoo and it helped immensely. She said that it wasn't psoriasis but rather just a build up (there is a medical term for it that I can't remember) and that the shampoo should help.

I've never loved a doctor more because I've been using the medicated shampoo for 2-3 months and my head has never felt better!

I do believe that there are cases of dry, flaky scalp that isn't as bad as mine and I think these products would work wonders for anyone suffering on a lesser level.

1. Alterna Caviar Exfoliating Scalp Facial: This product is a miracle worker. You use it before shampoo and you basically massage the product into your scalp with the little feet attached to the bottle. It removes all the dead skin from your scalp (you can actually feel this and it's gross) and cleanses your hair. I am obsessed with this and it's the one product that really worked and made a difference.

2. Drybar Double Standard Shampoo: When I saw that DryBar was coming out with it's 2-in-1 cleansing shampoo I bought a bottle the moment it was available. This is made for lifting and cleansing impurities and product build up from the scalp, leaving you with squeaky clean hair. This really helped, especially in conjuction with the Caviar Facial. My hair felt lighter, softer, and smoother with this shampoo and it left my scalp clean and fresh. It's a must-try!

3. Selsum Blue: This is a drugstore shampoo that is perfect for cleansing the scalp. Once my medicated shampoo runs out I'll start using this again. It's one of those old classics that never steer you wrong and I highly recommend starting with this shampoo to try and rid your scalp of that itch and dryness.

Another tip is to try using sulfate and paraben free hair products. The less chemicals, the better! I've been using them for years because I need to use them when I have a keratin and there really is no difference. Most products are sulfate and paraben free these days!

When all else fails, go to your dermatologist and get that itch figured out! You'll be much more comfortable and happier with a healthy scalp :)