I cannot believe we're already in May. It feels like January was yesterday and time is just going by too quickly. April felt like a pivotal point for me, I don't know why though. There was something about that it was both unsettling and freeing at the same time. 

It was almost like I could feel myself changing; things that I once loved started to no longer bring me joy; things that I used to dislike felt more like me and I could almost feel my DNA changing. Or maybe I'm just depressed? Who knows at this point! It could've been a little bit of both.

April was busy; bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, hectic work schedules, my first European trip, and a few home changes. It was intense, fun, and a little overwhelming. I think May will be better, calmer, and hopefully just as fun and we'll welcome in the summer with open arms. 

My shopping has been off the charts in April thanks to the Sephora sale and my London trip so there were lots of new things to fall in love with and put on this list. 

Saie Slip Tint Radiant Concealer

I have been struggling with concealer lately (really all makeup but that's a different post) so when I started seeing reviews of the Saie Slip Tint Concealer before the Sephora sale, I was intrigued. It seemed to be what I was looking for: radiant, medium coverage, long wearing and very creamy. I immediately added to my cart and honestly haven't used anything else all month long. It's everything a concealer should be and holds up to what I just described. It's buildable, doesn't crease or look crepey under the eyes and hides my dark circles while also providing a brightening effect. This was also the first Saie product I've tried and I know it won't be the last.

Ole Henriksen Pout Preserve Lip Balm

Everyone and their mother has released a lip balm lately and with good reason.... when the economy is bad, people look to little luxuries like lipstick to boost their morale. It's called the lipstick index. That being said, I've resisted most of the new balms and stayed loyal to my Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, until now. After the lip balm queen, Carly, reviewed and raved for weeks about the Olen Henriksen Pout Preserve, I finally took the bait and ordered the Strawberry Sorbet scent. My world has been changed. This is the perfect hybrid between a balm and gloss; it gives more shine and color than the Summer Fridays and while it feels slightly heavier, it's not sticky and is comfortable on the lips. I find myself reaching for this more during the day, especially when I'm at the office because it lasts forever... and the smell is divine. 

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

If you read my latest Manicure Monday post this should come as no surprise, but I've fallen back in love with the Essie Gel Couture, and for the first time in a year have veered off course from Olive & June. I saw a TikTok review about the Gel Couture line which made me curious to try some of the shades again. My mom got me two for Easter and I was immediately smitten. The colors are bold, the formula is long lasting and easy to work with and it makes my nails look straight from the manicurist chair more than any other polish I've tried. 

Return to Tiffany Bead Necklace

My sister bought me the Tiffany Bead Necklace for my 30th birthday and it's really been the past few months that I've been wearing it on a daily basis. I love it stacked with my Stephanie Gottlieb Bubble Name Necklace, even though the name necklace is gold and the Tiffany is silver. It lays so nicely on my neck without making me feel suffocated and looks beautiful with every outfit. It is sterling silver so I have to be more careful than with my name necklace but I still wear it almost every day, casual or dressy and just take it off when I shower and sleep. I love having a daily piece of jewelry and hope I can find more to add to my collection soon.


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