Spring has sprung but New York didn't get the memo because it's been freezing out the past few days. I knew we were in a fools spring but I was not expecting such a drastic turn  Aside from that, the week was pretty good; when I was working from home, I got up early and started a new morning routine and it felt so good. I felt so accomplished before I even sat down at my desk for work and it was honestly a game changer.

It's still early signs but the few changes feel so good and if I could keep this going, if I could just remind myself of the things that make me feel good, I'll be golden. I've incorporated stretching, meditation, getting outside before work, and doing one thing on my to-do list before getting started and it makes everything feel more smoothly. 

It's the little things, isn't it? 

Now, it's my last free weekend for a while; between now and my London trip, I have weddings, birthdays, holidays, and bridal showers so it's going to be chaotic and fun but at the end of it, it's my dream trip. Just keep swimming... 

Let's get into the roundup!

I got a new Kindle case from a small shop called April Supply
and its so cute!

Pink Positivity of the Week 

This is going to sound insane but I took two great naps on the bus commute home from work this week and it was perfection. There is nothing like falling asleep on public transportation. It made me so happy! 

Links I Loved

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What I Bought This Week

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