After 8 months in my apartment, I finally feel completely settled in. Every part of it feels finished (aside from one corner that I cannot figure out what to do with), and I owe a lot of those finishing touches to Amazon. 

When it comes to home decor, I'm not the most consistent. I like what I like and I sort of just throw everything together. Sometimes things flow, sometimes they don't. I don't know what aesthetic of home decor I love the most. I know what I don't like or what I didn't want: farmhouse, minimalism, all grey everything. I wanted pink, and glam but not overly girl or busy. 

It wasn't until the past month or so that I settled on an aesthetic and it's what I like to call vintage glam. It's gold accents, bows, arches, and tiny details. I don't know what I like until I see it and as I acquired the last few pieces, everything fell into place. 

I did a post a while ago about my apartment and where I got my furniture, etc, and most of it came from Wayfair, but a lot of the smaller details came from Amazon, as well as a few necessities that make things so much better. That's exactly what inspired this post... and at the end, I'll include some decor pieces I have my eye on to really make the vintage glam aesthetic pop. 

Amazon Home Finds

Amazon Decor Wishlist

xoxo B
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