It's been two months and I'm finally pretty settled into my apartment. As I mentioned, I moved into my own apartment in July and it's been an adjustment, but a really positive one. I feel so good in my space; I feel like an adult (sort of) and I feel like I made a really important step in my big girl life.

For the past 9 years, I've felt really displaced and have had a really hard time. My mental health has been in the toilet, I've gone through so many different phases, a lot of tumultuous life changes, and what feels like hundreds of panic attacks.

As I entered my 30th year on earth, I knew that I was going to have to make some sort of next step. I wasn't in a relationship, nor was I in a place to enter a relationship, and I already have my dream job, so the logical next step was to live on my own.

The perfect apartment opened up (literally in the same building my mom and sister are in) and it felt incredibly meant to be. The first two weeks were really rough, the first weekend being the hardest, but now that I have all my furniture and decor in its place, I feel like I'm home.

I walk in every night and feel completely overjoyed to have my own space. It's honestly everything I've dreamed of.

This is the first post of a few where I'll showcase my apartment and give you a play by play of where I bought my furniture and decor, and why I chose it.

First up is the living room because it's my favorite room and has my favorite pieces!

There were two things I knew I needed to make my apartment feel like my dream space and that was a TV stand with an electric fireplace and a pink couch. Those were the two pieces that were non negotiable; they're pieces I've dreamed of for years so I was going to make it happen.

Well, it happened and I love them so much! I purchased them both at Wayfair which was really my go-to during this transition period which might be another post for another time. 

I searched high and low for a pink couch that was under $500, that had great reviews, was comfortable and fit my aesthetic perfectly. What I found, was utterly perfect. 

Ebern Designs Chelsea 77'' Upholstered Sofa

This pink velvet couch is currently under $400 and it normally teeters on the edge of that price. When I decided I wanted a pink couch I had also settled on a velvet couch, because it was going to match my vibe which I think I can classify as modern glam, and because most of the pink couches out there were velvet. 

I also wanted a couch that was a decent size; I didn't want something too small and a lot of the couches that were within my price range were tiny. 

There are so many to choose from and it was very overwhelming but ultimately it came down to two things: price and comfort. A lot of the couches I was looking at had horrible reviews because people were saying they were very uncomfortable; it also happened to be that these uncomfortable couches were the most affordable. 

After searching for what felt like weeks, I decided that the Ebern Designs Chelsea sofa was my best bet. It had the look I wanted--a modern glam with tufted accents, it had good reviews in terms of comfort, it was the perfect size, and it was under $500. 

I ordered it, it was delivered within two days, and I immediately put it together. It was so easy to assemble as well, which was appreciated. It came in 4 pieces and was done within a few minutes. It's sturdy, it's comfortable, and beautiful - it's honestly perfect. I don't find this couch to be the slightest bit uncomfortable, I can easily fall asleep on it and feel refreshed.

This pink couch is the star of the living room and it makes me so happy whenever I see it. Above the couch is a very large, bare wall, that I turned into a gallery wall with frames I previously had in my bedroom and a new, incredibly large frame. I saw these faux newspaper art prints on Etsy and thought it went perfectly in the space. I think I actually bought the print before the couch.

The throw pillows are hand me downs from my mom - we bought them at Homegoods a few years ago and the pinks match perfectly.

Shop below for more pink couches:

Shop below for similar art prints:

Willa Arlo Interiors Duda 58'' Media Console

Just as with the pink couch, I wanted a TV stand that had an electric fireplace. I love the idea of fireplaces so much; they're incredibly chic, scream luxury but also provide the coziness, hygge vibes around. If I can't have a real fireplace, I will take the fake one with no questions asked. 

There are a lot of fireplace TV stands out there, in all different colors, sizes and at different price points. However, it was difficult to find an affordable one that matched my vibe. A lot of the ones I kept seeing were wood and had more of a farmhouse aesthetic to them. 

Finally, I decided on this 58 inch one from Wayfair, by Willa Arlo Interiors. I loved the hidden shelves (which are currently housing all my books) and the minimal design that is grained into the wood. It was seemingly perfect. 

However, it was a horror to put together. It took me and my step dad almost three days to assemble, and even now it's not 100% perfect but it'll do. I bought a large FireTV to put on top of it and have been using the fireplace every chance I get, even if it was 90 degrees outside.

The great thing about this piece is that the fireplace has two switches: to turn the flames on and to make them hot, so you can have the flames on with no heat coming off. To me, that's perfect because that means I can have a fire on in the summertime when I'm feeling cozy. 

See below for more fireplace TV stands to shop: 

Cosmo Living Juliette Coffee Table

The minute I saw this coffee table I was sold. I knew I needed it because it fit the aesthetic of my home so perfectly, just like the pink couch. Finding a coffee table proved to be more challenging than I originally thought because a lot of the ones I kept seeing were very short; I couldn't find a coffee table taller than 17 inches until I found this one. 

The gold wrought iron designs on the ends add a pop of something special, and I like that the top is all glass. It makes it easy to style and not too difficult to keep clean. I also bought this from Wayfair, though I did order from Amazon first because it was cheaper but it got damaged in transit so they refunded me. 

This coffee table is from a brand called Cosmo Living which is Cosmopolitan Magazine's home decor line. They have incredible stuff, and I bought another piece from them which will come in a different blog post. I think I need to do an entire brand buzz post on CosmoLiving because it's exactly what I imagined my home to turn out like.

Other Living Room Pieces

I needed a few other pieces to round out the living room. I purchased this bar cart from Amazon that was fairly simple to put together and adds so much more glam to the space. I opted for this instead of end tables because I thought less was more. I was also adamant on a bar cart that I could decorate so the trade off was nice. 

I envision myself eventually putting a record player on the bar cart and displaying Taylor Swift vinyls that I do not currently own but hope to soon. 


The final piece I currently have is a white boucle chair from Target. My sister ordered it for her boyfriend's apartment and I loved it, so I decided to buy it as well. I was torn on what to put in this corner, and what other kind of seating I should add, so this was like killing two birds with one stone.

It's so comfortable, came completely put together, and looks so beautiful. It adds a touch of softness to a rather glam and strong looking room, which is exactly what I was going for.

In addition to everything mentioned here I need to get an ottoman, that will live under the coffee table, and a lamp for the empty corner next to the couch. I would also like to get a tall plant to hide the cable wires next to the TV, some shelves above the chair, and curtains to fluff up the window area since it's so large and bare.

I love my living room so much, it brings me so much joy, and while there's still some finishing touches to complete, I feel completely at home here.

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