It's been a minute since I did a Manicure Monday post but we're back to business today with a new Olive & June color.

If you follow me on social media (TikTok & Instagram) you would've seen this past December that I did a daily unboxing of the Olive & June Advent Calendar. It was 25 days of nail goodies and it remains one of the best value advent calendars I've seen in the beauty industry. 

In that calendar were a few nail polishes and while some of them were fan favorites, some were exclusive to the set...until now. Olive & June has released one of my favorite colors from the calendar as a standalone polish you can purchase on their website.

Penny is a quick dry shade and it was my go-to on New Year's Eve. I needed to give myself a quick, festive manicure because I kept putting it off and Penny came in clutch. The quick dry formula remains top tier. 

Penny is exactly what you think it is; a super shiny, metallic copper polish that is the perfect mix of color and metal. The finish is shiny but not overbearing and it's a really fun color for this time of year.

As always with the quick dry formula, it's completely dry within a few minutes, goes on very smoothly, and lasts for at least 4 days if you don't have an anxious nail picking habit like myself.

I have always loved a metallic copper nail polish so I'm glad Olive & June has added Penny to the mix!


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