In the second installment of reviewing the Olive & June Quick Dry polish fall collection, we have the shade 'Americano' up next. This past summer when I was decluttering my nail polish collection I got rid of a lot of old, expired polishes that were basically unusable. 

In that declutter I got rid of a lot of my brown, neutral shades so I needed to restock those colors. Americano was ideal because I wanted another quick dry, and a lighter brown. I already have Tip Your Barista, which is from last year's fall collection and it's a smidge deeper than Americano.

Americano is almost more orange toned than Tip Your Barista, which is more of a traditional espresso color. I think both are gorgeous, and I'll wear them both this fall, but I'm particularly excited about Americano as it's not as dark. Some times I just want a brown manicure without it being super bold. 

As with all the other Olive & June quick dry polishes, Americano went on smoothly, not patchy and dried within a few minutes. I used my go-to Essie Hard to Resist base coat, and topped two coats of the polish with the Olive & June Quick Dry Top Coat. This adds so much shine, extra long wear protection, and the ability to dry even faster.

Americano looked so beautiful on my nails and truly put me in the fall state of mind. It's getting colder and colder in New York already and while my Christmas decorations are up, I'm not ready to let go of the neutral nails just yet. This deep brown is the answer to that.

While it might not look like it, Americano is different from last week's feature, Fawn, which was much more grey and cool in tone, while Americano has a more neutral, slightly warmer base. 

I don't think Americano was as long wearing as Fawn but that could also by my own fault as I think I started picking my manicure before it was ready to chip on its own. Either way, I'm such a fan of the Quick Dry formula because it truly makes life so much easier. I could be running out the door, or getting ready to go to sleep and painting my nails is not an issue because of how fast these dry.

Olive & June makes a great holiday gift and I can't recommend their products more (gift guide coming soon!). If you have someone in your life that loves painting their own nails, I highly recommend the Olive & June Quick Dry Polishes.


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