Ever since receiving the Quick Dry formula from Olive & June last year, I've been hooked on it. It's truly a quick dry formula, drying down within minutes and not smudging. That being said, when Olive & June released their fall quick dry polishes, I was immediately enticed. The shades were stunning and quintessential autumnal tones that were calling my name.

They were all shades that were missing in my collection; browns, deep reds, and a beautiful deep lavender called Twilight which I can't wait to review for you all. 

The shades sold out so fast before I could buy any, but they came back in stock and I immediately scooped them up.  I am so excited to wear them for the rest of the fall season, but will definitely be bringing them into winter. They're gorgeous so get ready to see them every manicure Monday for the next few weeks. 

First up is the shade 'Fawn' which was something I was really missing in my collection. It's a beautiful neutral toned brown that leans grey, has a little purple in it and would work for any season or occasion. It's so beautiful and I was so excited to try it up first. 

I used my Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener as my base coat, did two beautiful coats of Fawn, and then topped it off with Olive & June Quick Dry Top Coat. The polish itself went on very smoothly and evenly, and dried down so beautiful and shiny.

The top coat helps keep that shine, helps the polish dry a little more quickly, but provides some long lasting protection. This at home manicure lasted incredibly long, almost a week, and I think that can be owed to the formula of the quick dry top coat. 

Whenever I write an Olive & June review I feel like I just repeat myself because all the polishes are so beautiful, so easy to work with, and just a great formula. Fawn is no different and I can't wait to wear it again.

I'll also say that the Quick Dry Formula from Olive & June is something everyone should try once. I think it can be easy to assume 'quick dry' is just marketing but it really does dry incredibly quickly. This is my go-to formula for when I need to paint my nails fast and don't have the time to wait for dry time. I am so happy to have more quick dry colors in my collection.


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