Hello Friday, welcome back. It was a weird week that felt incredibly long and confusing. My routines were all over the place, I didn't sleep good and I just can't really recall what I did. Do you ever have weeks like that? Where nothing seems to make sense? It's so odd and unsettling.

New York is supposed to have it's 7th weekend of rain in a row so I'll be spending it inside, once again, trying to make my apartment feel complete. It is groundhogs day over here but I'm trying to make the most of it. I keep finding new things to fix and improve around my place to make it be exactly what I've always wanted. 

Next week I will definitely be posting an office reveal to go alongside my living room reveal. I have a lot more home content I want to share with you so please stay tuned.

I'll stop rambling and get into the round up! 

Pink Positivity of the Week 

I feel like I made progress in some of my goals this week; I feel a little more put together and focused on what I want, and how to get there. 

In more superficial positives, I had breakfast at Sarabeth's for the first time this week and it was delightful. I went with an agency I work with during my day job and it's a New York staple I've always wanted to experience and now that I have, I'm so pleased. There's a lot of New York things I want to do that I never do, but I'm determined to do them this year. 

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