Olive & June press ons are the only ones that I've ever really loved, and continue to use. They're easy to apply, are very strong and durable, and last for over a week or even longer. I try to limit my purchases of these press ons because they're obviously a little bigger than your standard bottle of nail polish and I don't have a great place to store them all, but when there's a new color or design that is calling my name, I can't resist.

As soon as I saw that Olive & June released a Halloween shop, filled with press ons and nail stickers I knew I was going to need a few of them. Olive & June has the best seasonal items; they're the right amount of cute and chic, so you can still have a mature manicure while being festive. 

Most items are sold out on Olive & June's website but you can shop a few items online at Walmart (and maybe in stores!) Shop below for everything still available! 

 For Halloween, I got three press ons and two stickers (the stickers I'm going to use this week) and in honor of my girls night/Halloween party, I decided to apply the 'Vampy Pumpkin' press ons. They are so cute - very chic white nails with a smiling pumpkin in the middle.

The thing that I love about Olive & June press ons is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes; I tend to stick to the short or extra short because I find the mediums are a bit too long for my liking. I am not someone who usually has long nails so press ons are always an adjustment, that's why short or extra short are ideal.

The Vampy Pumpkins were short so they were easy to function with... however, I did have a tad bit of difficulty applying them and I think that's because I ran out of the Olive & June Press On Glue that has a brush, so I had to use the squeeze bottle that comes with the press on kit. That made it a smidge more difficult to control the amount of glue I was applying and ultimately led to me putting too much glue on the nails. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing because it gave the nails such a strong hold, but I was messy about it.

I applied these right before my party so I was in the middle of getting ready, doing a lot of prepping and cleaning up, and they didn't budge. I didn't feel like they were going to pop off at all, and that's usually the case for these nails.

I did apply one of the nails backwards which was annoying but that is just user error. Each press on kit comes with 42 nails, in 21 sizes, so you have the ability to find the perfect fit for every nail, and then some. The kit also comes with a prep pad, nail file, wooden cuticle pusher, and nail glue. 

If you're someone who is going to continue to use press ons, I recommend looking into the press on system. It comes with everything you need, from nail tools, to a larger bottle of glue, press on remover and other accessories. 

Either way, you can't go wrong with the Olive & June press ons, especially for a holiday touch.


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