I've always loved decorating for fall and usually started the day after Labor Day (sometimes even on Labor Day itself!) I love looking for new decor pieces and picking something new to add to my collection. However, until now, I think my choice in decor was slightly immature. 

It makes sense though; I was only decorating my bedroom and now that I've moved into my own apartment and have a larger area to decorate, I'm leaning more into the sophisticated, expensive pieces that look more elevated and not so kitschy and childish. 

This year, Pottery Barn decor has caught my eye and I can't stop thinking about it. Every piece of decor they put out is so incredibly chic, it hurts my soul. It would fit seamlessly in with what I have in my apartment already, plus it feels incredibly cozy and warm. 

From pillows to outdoor Halloween decorations, everything feels like it stepped out of a Nancy Meyers movie. I haven't bought anything yet and I don't know if I will, but it's nice to window shop, isn't it? 

These are some of my favorite pieces from the Pottery Barn fall collection! 

Shop these & more! 

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