Tis the season for a new manicure every week! This Monday we're still talking about Olive & June's Fall 2023 collection, which I'm still loving. This week we've changed color families and moved into the mauve shades with their latest, "Shacket". 

This year I wore mauve polishes, like Yogurt Parfait or World Lit, all year round because I love these shades so much, but there is something really special about wearing them in the fall.


"Shacket" is currently sold out but I still want to review it just incase it comes back in stock or is available somewhere else. 

It's described as a warm rose neutral, which makes it ideal for a cozy fall night in, or a day of apple picking. It's not as bold as First PSL or a deep burgundy, so it's a little more wearable for someone who is not feeling risky but still wants to be in the fall spirit. It definitely comes off more brown than mauve, which 

Of course, the formula is superb. It went on very smoothly, evenly and was very opaque. Chipping was at a minimal  after the first few days and the only reason it started to chip was because I picked it off. It's such a bad habit I have! 

I have a few different mauve-like polishes in my collection but I think this is the most fall like; it's deep enough that it feels like you're wearing a dark, fall polish but light enough that it still feels pink.

While Shacket is out of stock, there are still other Olive & June polishes that fall into similar categories so shop below! You could also read my review of World Lit, which is probably most similar (and still available) to Shacket.

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