Over the years mascara has become one of the most important beauty products in my routine. I think it has overtaken concealer as the product I never leave the house without. I don't really feel like myself if I don't have mascara on which never used to be the case.

Mascara is also something that I don't experiment too much with anymore. I've tried what feels like hundreds of mascaras and I usually can find something I like in all of them, but lately, I've been more picky with what's going on my lashes. 

Too Faced's iconic Better Than Sex mascara has always been in rotation for me. I don't know if I've ever loved a mascara the way I love Better Than Sex. 

Why Better Than Sex?

Aside from the risque name, the iconic (and heavy) pink tube, this award winning mascara has never let me down. The formula is just right; it's not too wet or too dry so it doesn't flake off or weigh down my lashes. It dries down quickly without being drying. It has everything you want from a mascara formula.

However, I think the reason I love the mascara so much is because of the wand. Others have tried to copy the wand but I don't think anyone has ever gotten it right... Better Than Sex has a thick, hourglass shaped wand that perfectly hugs each and every lash, to coat it with the formula and transform. 

My lashes have changed over the years and I needed something that made them look long and separated, while also helping hold the curl. Better Than Sex is described as a volumizing, lengthening and curling mascara and I cosign that. My lashes look infinitely better when I use this mascara vs anything else, which is why I keep coming back. 

Better Than Sex gives you va va voom lashes so sometimes it can look a little overdone which is why I was over the moon when they announced that a brown version was coming out... 

Better Than Sex Chocolate

I never saw the purpose of brown mascara since I have brown lashes, and all the mascaras I liked never seemed to come in other colors. However, when I saw that Too Faced was releasing a chocolate version of my all time favorite, I immediately ordered it and I haven't looked back.

It's the same formula as the black mascara, just in a more subdued shade. This has become my every day mascara because it's not as harsh looking and really just gives my lashes the oomph they need. They're separated, curled, volumizied and long! 

Better Than Sex Chocolate gives your lashes just a touch of color and looks a little more natural than black mascara. It makes it slightly more suitable (in my opinion/for me) for every day wear but also looks beautiful against a fully made up face. I've worn the brown mascara to work, to funerals, and to a wedding. It just goes with everything and looks beautiful. 

If you are looking for a new mascara that is going to do it all, while also leaning more towards the natural side, Better Than Sex Chocolate is a must-try! If you've used Better Than Sex before, you will love the chocolate shade and if you thought the original wasn't for you, I urge you to try the brown version - it's different enough that you might be surprised! 

Also, if you did not know, Too Faced also has a waterproof version of Better Than Sex that my mom sweats by; she has watery eyes and this is the only mascara that doesn't run on her!

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