What a week! It went by very fast but also oddly slow. I feel like that's the pattern lately but I'll take it. I would rather the days and weeks move slowly because time is moving too fast -- I can't believe we're almost done with August and entering the fall season. 

This summer was a blur; so much has changed and I feel like I have whiplash. I don't think I've fully absorbed that I'm in my own apartment and I've finally achieved one of my major goals in life. Because time is moving so fast and things are always so busy, I'm not fully present so I'm not recognizing these major things happening in my life. 

I need to work on that and maybe with a slower season I'll be able to.

Next week I'll finally show a few snippets of the of the apartment because I just got my coffee table and it really brought the whole living room together.

This weekend will be fun -- I'm going to have a girls night with my friends and then *hopefully* do something productive with my life. I've fallen off a lot of routines and need to find some semblance of a balanced life. Maybe that'll be this week...

Let's get into the roundup!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I went to the Jonas Brothers concert on Saturday - the opening night of their tour at Yankee Stadium and it was incredible. It was 8th Jonas Brothers concert and it was magical. I love them so much, they really shaped me into who I am and have inspired me in so many ways so to see them 16 years after becoming a fan, at Yankee Stadium, was incredible.

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