There are few people I love more in the world than Andy Cohen. He is our Bravo Daddy, a wrangler of Housewives and pop culture aficionado. He is a New Yorker by heart and 30 year residence, and just so smart and talented. He is truly fascinating and he's truly one of my favorite people in the world.

Over the years, Andy Cohen has written a few books, most notably are his Andy Cohen Diaries, a play on the Andy Warhol Diaries. In these books he takes you through his entire year, day by day, and it is really interesting. He name drops so many celebrities, gives you an inside peek at the world of Bravo and you get to know the person behind the personality. 

When I heard he was releasing another diaries, "The Daddy Diaries" this time about his year becoming a father of two, I immediately preordered it. I purchased it on Audible because there is nothing better than listening to Andy Cohen talk about his day.

Publisher's Summary

Andy Cohen has taken on the most important job of his life—father— and boy (and girl!) does he have a lot to say about it!

One of Andy Cohen’s most momentous years starts off with a hangover the morning after an
 epic New Year’s Eve broadcast. But Andy doesn’t have time to dwell on the drama, as his role as media mogul is now matched with the responsibilities, joys, and growing pains of parenthood.

This fast-paced, mile-a-minute look behind the scenes of living the so-called glamorous life in Manhattan now takes firm aim at life at home. With a three-year-old son, Ben, and a daughter, Lucy, born in May, stories of late-night parties are replaced by early mornings with Ben, drama at the play-ground, and the musings of a single dad trying to navigate having it all. All this is set against the backdrop of constant Housewives drama, hijinks behind the scenes at 
Watch What Happens Live, a revolving door of famous faces, and a worried mother (and newly minted grandmother) in St. Louis.

Buckle up, bottle up, and get ready for a laugh-out-loud and surprisingly poignant look at the ways in which family changes everything and the superficial gets very real. Watch what happens!

My Thoughts

It should come as no surprise that I loved The Daddy Diaries. If you love Bravo or pop culture in any capacity, you will love listening to Andy Cohen discuss his days. We start off on January 1st, 2022 and see the fallout of Andy blasting Mayor deBlasio on CNN's New Year's Eve show which is hilarious, and then see his crazy year of Bravo encounters, get some inside scoop about Teresa and Melissa, hear about the firing of Lisa Rinna, and all the Jen Shah drama. 

Andy talks about parenting Ben, preparing for Lucy, and all his antics with Sarah Jessica Parker, John Mayer and other New York celebrities. It's such a fun read, I would listen to this over and over again. It's like one big podcast, or makes you feel like Andy is talking directly to you. 

The Daddy Diaries is truly excellent and such a fun read/listen. There is a lot of pop culture references and moments woven throughout the words. Andy Cohen is a great storyteller and The Daddy Diaries really showcases that.

If you're a Bravo fan, you need to read this!


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