When I was younger I was obsessed with ballet. I knew I would never be a professional ballerina but I enjoyed my time in dance class so much. I took three ballet classes a week, was able to get my pointe shoes, and was really proud of the work I put in trying to get better.

My dance classmates and I had such a strong bond and they remain a highlight of my teenage years; I look back with such fondness and love, it always makes me smile. 

Every so often I tend to go down the ballet rabbit hole and dream of picking it up again but lately, it's been on my mind more than usual. I think that is due to the ballet-core trend, and the return of ballet flats as the go-to shoe that has been floating around.

To me, ballet-core can be two things: it can look like you are actually going to a ballet class or it's pink, frilly and resembles a ballet recital costume. I love this aesthetic so much and it's so fun, feminine and free!

I've been eyeing so many unique pieces and wanted to do a little round up of some items!

What do you think of Ballet-core?
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