In my continued quest of trying more Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Formulas, I used one of the red shades they had originally sent me in the launch PR package. Usually when we're in the transition of winter to spring, I start to crave a red nail. I'm still trying to hang onto my dark colors but red is always acceptable. 

Lippy is different than the other red shade, Smooch, as it's more a true red with blue undertones, and has shimmer throughout. It's bold, it's beautiful, and it's super shiny and glossy. Smooch was slightly more muted without the shimmer. Both are beautiful but I think I prefer Lippy.

The formula was just as good as the other quick dry formulas and I'm continually impressed with how fast they dry. The polish went on smoothly with no patchiness, as usual. There is simply nothing like Olive & June polish.

I used the Olive & June Nail Strengthener underneath and then topped it off with the Quick Dry top coat and within less than 10 minutes, my nails were good to go.

The manicure lasted pretty long, 4-5 days until I started picking at it. That's usually what happens with all my manicures; they look great until I can't help myself. 

I really loved this red manicure. It was so beautiful, glossy and a great year round red. I can't wait to paint my nails with Lippy again!


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