Saturday night I had planned to use an imPress Christmas manicure set I got sent from Kiss but I fell asleep and didn't have enough time to glue all the nails on. I didn't want to go out with bare nails so I turned to my trusty Olive & June Quick Dry Formula. I hadn't tried any of the other colors since first trying the formula a month or so ago so I figured now was the perfect time.

I was in a rush because I was going out to dinner in less than an hour so I was really putting this formula to the test. I chose the shade 'Smooch' because I'm feeling very Christmasy and wanted my nails to reflect that. 

My nails were bare and ready to go so I prepped with my Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener, did two coats of Smooch and topped it off with the Olive & June Quick Dry Top Coat. Right after painting my nails I proceeded to do my makeup and nicked a few of the wet nails but after a few minutes, everything was completely dry.

My right pointer finger got completely messed up but that was the only one that smudged really bad. This could've been that it's my 'main' finger and I was using it the most or because the polish wasn't applied as smooth as it could've been. 

Despite that one little hiccup, I am so happy that this quick dry manicure actually dried quick and that it looked so good. Having a quick dry polish in your collection is perfect for this last minute manicure; it's ideal for those times when you forget to paint your nails or just need to apply something in a hurry. 

Plus, the color is insanely beautiful. It's the perfect blue toned red - the perfect Christmas red and I forgot how much I love red nails. It went on very smoothly, dried down very shiny and just looks beautiful on the nails.

The Olive
& June Quick Dry Formula
is truly unmatched in my opinion- you need at least one shade. 

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