This week was a doozy, for so many different reasons. Daylight Savings Time really kicked my butt, work was very busy, I traveled to the office, I had a few doctors appointments that needed switching, and it just felt like a week that was never ending.

Then, on Thursday, when I was just starting to look forward to the weekend, everything blew up. I had my annual eye doctor's appointment that I figured would be routine but it turned into a nightmare. I went to a new optometrist, when I usually go to an ophthalmologist and I'll never make that mistake away.

The doctor said that she saw something weird with the nerves in my left eye. I'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other, so she was a bit concerned because it was the near sighted eye. She said the nerve was indistinct, but couldn't elaborate further. She wanted me to go to a doctor immediately, she did not want me to wait even an hour. She got me an emergency appointment in Long Island, I picked up my mom and we went with little information for what could even be wrong.

It was the scariest few hours of my life. 

When you get told something might be wrong with your optic nerves and you need to go see a doctor immediately you obviously think the worst. I had a few panic attacks, was hysterical crying and was so nervous. 

After a few hours of tests and lots of eye examinations that left me exhausted, everything turned out to be fine. My optic nerves are just weirdly shaped and there's nothing wrong with them. 

I came home from the doctors', stuffed my face with chicken cutlets and french onion mac & cheese, and fell asleep by 9:30 PM.

It was horrible and I'm happy it's over.

Let's get into the post.

Pink Positivity of the Week

My good health is definitely a positive of the week. I was so thankful that everything was ok with my eyes but deep down I knew I would be. I hadn't had any symptoms of something being wrong with my eye, and this might sound strange but I am very in-tune with my body and I'm very aware of when something changes. I felt fine so I knew I would be ok.

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