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 Last year I experienced intense back pain that left me unable to function for about two weeks. I got myself into a chiropractor and after a few sessions, along with at-home exercises and remedies, I was as good as new. The pain wasn't anything serious - just some inflammation, a slight case of scoliosis (which isn't even a big deal - that's how slight it is) and a bad at home desk set up.

I purchased a new desk chair, a new laptop riser, keyboard and mouse, along with tons of fluffy mattress covers to try to prevent new pain from coming through. It definitely helped and going to the chiropractor once a month has helped me stay pain free. 

At the chiropractor she uses a TheraGun on me, the industrial, professional size, and it feels so good so I started playing around with the idea of getting a mini one for myself to help with any pain that comes up at home. I also have dealt with chronic wrist pain since I was 16 years old and while the chiropractor helps, I figured the TheraGun would be a good tool to have in my arsenal.

I didn't get a chance to buy it for myself because my sister's boyfriend bought me one for Christmas! It was the best surprise and I've loved using it the past few months. 

I would say I've used it pretty regularly and have a decent understanding on how it works and what the pros & cons are so let's get into it.

Who is the TheraGun Mini For? 

In my opinion, the TheraGun Mini is for the everyday person. It's for those who work out a lot, have chronic pain, or just want a little extra help in working their muscles. I don't think the larger TheraGuns are for people like me and should be left to the professionals, unless you're an athlete, body builder, or someone who takes their exercise very seriously. 

What Does the TheraGun Do?

The TheraGun Mini has all the power of a regular TheraGun massager in a compact, portable device. It decreases muscle soreness and fatigue, it relieves tension and knots while also relieving any pain you might be feeling. 

It feels incredible on sore muscles or when you just need to relieve some tension from your body. 

How Does the TheraGun Work?

There are three different speed settings on the TheraGun Mini and I like using the lowest speed because it is super powerful. The other two speeds are a little too much for me and probably should only be used one people who are really sore or have a stronger pain tolerance.

The Mini is super compact and fits comfortably in your hand so you can use it all over your body and not feel like it's very heavy or awkward to use. 

I use the TheraGun when my back, thighs or butt is sore from sitting all day, when I have a knot in my shoulder or on my wrists and forearms to relieve my carpal tunnel.

A few other things to note:

  • There are three attachments for the TheraGun and you can buy the spare heads from the TheraGun website. The mini comes with the 'Standard Ball' attachment but you could buy the 'Thumb' which is a more precise, direct head that mimics the feeling of fingertips. Then, there is the Dampener head which is very firm and can be used all over the body.
  • You can download the TheraGun app and create different routines to treat different ailments - I haven't done this yet but I'm very interested in trying it out.

The Pros of the TheraGun Mini

I really only have positive things to say about the TheraGun Mini. It is so handy, feels so good, and really does relieve any and all tension you might experience. I think it's very easy to use, holds a charge for a really long time, and is so compact & lightweight that it takes up virtually no space or strength to use.

The Cons of the TheraGun Mini

The two cons I have are pretty simple and straightforward: I wish there was a slower speed than the current lowest one because even that feels a bit fast sometimes, and I wish it was about $50 cheaper. The price is $199 but it feels like it could be a little less expensive.

I would also love to see more interchangeable heads to choose from and this might be something that TheraGun will release in the future so I'm not totally counting it as a con.

If you are someone who deals with chronic pain, works out a lot or just needs a little extra relief between massage appointments, I highly recommend the TheraGun Mini.


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