This holiday season I decided to abandon my Sugarfina advent calendar in favor of something more useful. I've raved time and time again on how I love Olive & June so much so when I saw that they had an advent calendar in stock, on Black Friday, and I got 30% off it was a no brainer.

It took over two weeks for the calendar to arrive and we were nearly halfway through December at that point but I didn't care, I tore into the first few doors and was so surprised at how wonderful the entire calendar was. I mean, Olive & June is an incredible brand but advent calendars are always hit or miss. Not this one!

There were so many mini nail polishes, mini nail tools and even a full package of press on nails. It was the best value, the best price, and the best surprise to wake up to every day leading up to Christmas.

One of the mini nail shades included in the calendar was OJSM, which is named in honor of Olive & June's 3rd manicure studio in Santa Monica, CA. It's a shade I've looked at in the past but never thought to pick up from the website, though I'm not sure why. It's a gorgeous rose gold shade that doesn't necessarily have glitter in it, but more of a metallic finish; it reminds me of Penny Talk from Essie.

OJSM gives off such a beautiful sheen and shine, but isn't a color that is overly loud. It's very subtle which makes it suitable for any occasion.

The formula is a no brainer; it's perfect just as other Olive & June polishes and glides on smoothly with no patches. This one even chips less than others, probably because of the metallic nature. That also means it was a little more difficult to remove but with a little elbow grease it was just fine.

This was the first time I ever used an Olive & June Poppy to apply polish. Because I've been painting my nails myself for years, I never thought I needed it so I never bought one. However, a mini poppy came in the advent calendar so I used it with my mini polish. I do think there's a learning curve when using a poppy, especially if you're used to painting your nails without one. 

For the mini polishes, which are of course smaller than the average size, the poppy helped me get a grip on the applicator. I don't think I'll be running to buy a full size poppy any time soon but if one fell into my lap, I'd use it.

Olive & June definitely did it again when it comes to a nail color and formula. OJSM is the perfect year round shade that will apply and stay put like a dream.


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