I've attended so many weddings over the past two years I feel like an expert at what to wear. That being said, I have a very hard time finding dresses that I like, are comfortable in and feel like I look good in. 

Dresses are my least favorite item of clothing and it's always been the worst shopping experience for me. It drives me insane whenever I need to find a new dress to wear and truthfully, I stick with the same few dresses I have in my closet and usually wear to black dresses because it's my favorite color of clothing.

All of that being said, I know that finding dresses is difficult for a lot of people and wanted to make it easy for you if you have a wedding coming up this fall and winter.

To me, a beautiful fall and winter dress is in a dark tone, like deep blues, greens and burgundy with a little embellishment, sleeve, or appliqué. It's polished, elegant and you could wear it over and over again.

Below are some of my favorites!

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