This post is for the ladies and it's going to be a little TMI so proceed with caution.

I went off birth control in January of this year. I had been on it for 8 years and was just ready to be done with it. I was having horrible migraines and my mental health wasn't great. I thought that maybe the birth control was contributing to that so I figured I'd try to get off it.

Well, that was a mistake, and I kind of regret it. That's an entirely different post but basically, my mood swings and PMS symptoms have been out of control and I finally feel like now, 9 months later, my body has adjusted. 

However, along with those mood swings and PMS comes a period like I haven't had since I was 15 years old. I used to get bad periods, like staying home from school, leaving school early, or, spending the day in the nurse's office bad. 

Because of this, I needed a solution that wasn't panty liners, tampons, or pads. I wanted to be comfortable and didn't feel like dealing with disposable solutions. Menstrual cups are not something I want to try so that was definitely out. I had tried period underwear (both disposable and Thinx brand) before but wasn't impressed with the fit so I was at a loss.

That is until I was browsing Victoria's Secret looking for new bras when I saw they had period underwear that was on sale for $5.99. That was a low enough price for me to try them out and not feel any guilt if it didn't work out. I decided to buy a few pairs: two thongs and one pair of boy shorts. 

I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. They are made of thick material but also breathable and don't feel like a diaper. They fit the same way regular thongs do and the boy shorts fit like pajama boxers, just a little tighter. 

How Does Period Underwear Work?

This image is from Victoria's Secret website and gives you a really good visual of what the underwear is made up of. There are four layers, from absorbent cotton to water-resistant fabric, and stretch for comfort - all of these work together to make sure you have massive leak protection and are comfortable while dealing with your period. 

The layers absorb and trap all liquid and it sinks deep into the fabric so that you don't feel any discomfort or dampness. 

How Do They Feel?

After just trying them on, I knew that I would be able to comfortably wear them under my clothes and to bed and they would protect me. 

Now here is a TMI part...

I have no leaks with this underwear. They absorb everything and I feel so much more physically comfortable with them on. Do you ever feel physically unable to wear period products? Like your body just hurts so much the thought of a pad or tampon makes you ill? That's what was happening to me so the VS Period Underwear quite literally changed my life. 

I have black, purple and pink pairs and will wear them under leggings while I'm home. I haven't needed to really leave the house when I have my period the past few months of using this underwear but I would expect that they're perfectly fine.  

Like I said, there are no leaks happening, you don't feel dirty or that your underwear is wet. You feel perfectly clean and really can't feel anything. It's like you don't even have your period. It's honestly a little magical. 

I wear them all day and then when I shower and change into my pajamas, I just rinse the underwear in the sink, let them air dry, and then put them in the hamper. I send my laundry out to a laundromat so I do these extra steps to make sure I at least rinse everything out before handing them off. If I was doing my own laundry, I probably wouldn't do this.

I do the same thing when I wear boxer shorts, which I reserve for the first and second nights of my period. I needed something substantial to sleep in because I have the period of a teenager and these are the best ever. They're a snug fit but extremely comfortable and keep me protected. I usually wear the boxers as shorts but you can wear them under regular pajama pants as well. 

While I know Victoria's Secret didn't invent period panties and there were other brands who explored this before them, the price point and the trust (even though I know VS has had their issues) I have in the brand made me comfortable enough to try them out. 

I personally think these are better than the Thinx brand (that I bought and returned - don't worry, I couldn't even get them on they were so tight) because they feel that they're made of more comfortable and less rigid material. I feel like I'm wearing regular, though slightly thicker, underwear.   

To me, these are regular underwear with period protection versus period protection first and underwear second.

If you're experiencing severe period symptoms, are looking for some comfortable relief, or just want an alternative to traditional period products, I cannot recommend Victoria's Secret period underwear enough. They will be one of the best things you buy yourself.

What are your thoughts on period underwear? Would you wear them?

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