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If you haven't heard, fall is my favorite season and as soon as the weather drops below 70 degrees I am in fall mode. I've already decorated (though I held off an extra week) and brought out a few fall themed graphic tees and sweatshirts, and I put away my bathing suits and shorts. Once it gets a little cooler I'll break out the sweaters and leather pants. 

With the change of seasons comes a new bout of trends, from fashion to decor to food to beauty. I love a good fall beauty trend report and I think that this year, the trends are all over the place, in a good way. There are trends for the very bold, like face gems and bleached brows and trends that are more wearable, like what I'm going to talk about today.

This summer was really the summer of glazed donut skin and Rare Beauty blush... I don't see those going anywhere any time soon but perhaps with just a cool weather twist. 

I scoured the internet and used my beauty industry insider brain to come up with the trends I'm most excited to see and wear this fall season.

Matte Lips

Everything old is new again and we're about to see the return of matte lips. Brands are starting to leave the glosses and oils behind and introduce some new matte lip products and I'm ecstatic. Lip gloss definitely grew on me the past few years but I've been dying to wear a Kylie Lip Kit again. We might not see the ultra matte liquid lipsticks making a triumphant return but regular matte lipsticks, especially matte red lips, will be all over. NARS and Saie Beauty recently released new slim lined matte lipsticks and they look beautiful. Below are a few other lipsticks that are leaning into the trend. 

Glazed Skin

Hailey Bieber coined the term 'Glazed Donut Skin' which turned into 'Glazed Skin' and it blew up over the summer. That base will not be going anywhere as we go into colder weather and is probably even more important since harsh, cold weather can dry out your skin so you'll want to keep it ultra hydrated. The pairing that we might see around is glazed skin + matte lips.. what a combination that is elevated and gives you a real polished look. I love dewy skin all year round because I have dry skin, all year round so below are some of my favorite dewy products! 

Cream Products

With glazed skin comes the cream products that make that possible. I have always really adored cream products, even before they were trending. I love the texture of them, the application process and how it keeps my skin looking and feeling hydrated. It's just my luck that cream products have been and continue to be trending for the past few years. From blushes to bronzers to highlighters to eye shadow... if something is cream in application form I will find it and love it. Cream products are in right now because of the hydrating effect, and it makes sense for the cooler months. Below are my favorites! 

Lived in Glam

This is an all in one look that I live for. I love that messy yet polished 'lived in' look. Lived in glam is smudged liner, polished lips and the faint effects of face makeup, maybe with some glossy lids but really it's diffused, 'lived in' melted makeup. To me, lived in glam is described as Serena Van der Woodsen stumbling around Manhattan in the middle of the school day.  I love the idea of this trend but unsure if I could actually pull it off. Below are some products that can give this look! 

What trends are you looking forward to wearing this fall?
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