My nail polish saga continues. It seems that no matter what I put on my nails I dislike it. I think I'm just ready for Angora Cardi and my other fall favorites. I wasn't feeling bright colors this summer, probably because I've had so many parties on the weekend that I wanted neutral nails. 

While trying to figure out my nail polish color on a weekly basis I discovered something new, not only in color but in formula and finish. When Olive & June released their Spring 2022 collection, I picked up two shades: You're Invited and The Queen Takes Her Tea with Milk. I immediately fell in love with the purple hue of You're Invited but was hesitant to wear sheer polish, which 'The Queen' shade is.

In the past, I've only ever really responded well to traditional cream finishes and formulas so I was slightly hesitant to try something really outside my comfort zone. I also wasn't sure if I wanted such 'naked' nails. 

The Queen is a very sheer, milky polish (pun intended) with a touch of pink and nude undertones. It looks beautiful in the bottle but my first application was not great. I think my nails were not in the best shape: they were cracked, peeling, and bumpy. In addition to that, I was in a rush and used an expired top coat so the manicure came out really goopy and gross. I immediately took the polish off my nails and applied something else.

I was hesitant to try the color out again but when push came to shove and I didn't know what I wanted on my nails I decided to take my time and do it right. I used my Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener as a base coat and Essie Gel Couture Top Coat which is my recipe for perfect nails and they came out beautiful. 

As mentioned, the polish is a sheer formula so it's not going to be strong and opaque and really just adds a beautiful, light sheen to your nails. It's really elegant and sophisticated without being overly boring. It's almost as if you have bare nails but with a little something extra. I hate bare nails because it constantly feels like my hands are dirty so this polish is a perfect marriage.

You can probably build up the coverage of the polish but I just use my normal two coats and make sure everything is even and pretty before applying a top coat. I try to let them dry a bit in between coats to not make the manicure goopy the way it was the first time.

Ever since applying The Queen Takes Her Tea with Milk the proper way it has been my new go-to. In the past month, I've probably had my nails painted with this color 3 out of 4 weeks. I never do that with polish because I always want to change things; I think this color and formula have truly converted me. 

I'm obsessed with this and think I need to look for more sheer formula polishes.

When you apply it correctly and take your time, you can achieve a really beautiful manicure that has you ready for wherever the day or week takes you. 


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