I'm sorry not sorry that I am in a Fall heaven this week. I am anxiously awaiting the official start of the season over the weekend and the real start of all things Pumpkin, apple picking and cool nights.

There is something truly magical about the Fall season; things are coming back to life and the crispness in the air just brings a sense of calmness to me. The Fall has a lot of special memories for me; all my great moments happened in the Fall (including my birthday) so I really love the season.

Get prepared for a lot of Fall featured posts in the next two weeks so to continue yesterday's Fall Wishlist.

Today, I'm talking about what else, nail polish. I did a "Favorite summer nail polishes" so I thought I mind as well do a Fall one. I do love wearing light, pastel colored polishes but as always, at the end of a season, I'm ready to wear something new.

Before writing this post, I thought I had a lot more dark nail polishes than I actually do. This means a trip to the store to stock up on all the dark goodness.

Polish Wish List: I already own Essie's new red from their Fall 2014 collection 'Dress to Kilt' but there are so many others that I need.

I promise, this isn't a sponsored post (I wish) I just love Essie that much and it's pretty much the only nail polish I use. 

What are your favorite Fall polishes? Tell me in the comments so I could add them to my wishlist!

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