When I was taking out my summer clothes for the season I realized that I needed a serious overhaul. For the past few years, I feel like I've been trying to dress like someone I'm not; I wanted to present myself in a way that wasn't truly me. I was trying to keep up with trends, with my friends, and what I see on social media. I've discussed how I feel like I don't have my own style before and I think I realized that my style is exactly what I wear.

It is minimal, comfortable, and filled with neutrals and maybe a bit of color. My outfit comes to life with my accessories: my headbands, jewelry, and handbags. I like a plain canvas; jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and all the simplicity that comes along with it.

Overall, I think I protect my comfortability most because if I am not comfortable, I do not feel present nor do I feel confident. I need to like what I'm wearing, like it touching my skin, and how I look. That is my style.

I'm getting off on a tangent but basically, I needed a new summer wardrobe and nothing available was really doing it for me; Nordstrom hasn't had anything good, Abercrombie wasn't sparking any interest but then I started looking at J.Crew, my wardrobe staple and wow I was in shock. 

J.Crew is back baby! 

Forget about the Factory but actual J.Crew has the best items for summer - classic, minimal, beautiful pieces that you can wear with anything and really make your own. Since Jenna Lyons left J.Crew a number of years ago I haven't really been impressed though I still shopped.

With a few google searches, I saw that J.Crew does have a new head of women's designs: Olympia Gayot and she is freaking cool! I am obsessed with her, started following her on Instagram, and am super impressed.

I've been placing orders like crazy, trying to find the perfect new pieces and I just had to share some of my favorite items from the New Arrivals page. 

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