Over the past few years, my allergies have gotten worse and worse. And it's not just me, allergy season is proven to be getting worse thanks to good old climate change. Last year was by far the worse allergy season I've ever experienced and it lasted pretty much from March until mid-November; it wasn't until the dead of winter that I felt mildly better but over the past few weeks I've been preparing myself for another bad season.

Because my allergies were so bad last year I went to an allergist for the first time and found out that I was in a much worse place than I thought. I'm allergic to every type of tree, grass, and weed and then allergic to the food that grows on those trees. It's really bad so I've had to pay closer attention to the things I eat, but also have to take allergy medicine every single day otherwise I'm a mess.

There are also other products and 'tricks' that I've found to help my allergies, especially before the season starts. When you have really bad pollen allergies it's key to start caring for them before allergy season hits, that way you have some sort of immunity against pollen before it gets bad.

This is how I am preparing for allergy season and how I try to combat my allergies on a daily basis.

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Medication 3-4 Weeks Before Allergy Season

I started taking my allergy medicine a few weeks ago, on a daily basis, and it has already helped me because I'm not feeling the effects as much as I usually do by the time April hits. Taking my allergy medicine (I'm currently taking Xyzal and it's the one brand that has worked really well) on a daily basis allows me to function better knowing I am preventing an allergy attack versus taking my medicine when I'm already in the midst of an attack. 

I highly recommend starting your medication before you start feeling sick because it does make a difference (disclaimer that I am not a doctor but this is what works for me!) in preventing the physical allergy symptoms.

Find a Good Nasal Spray

This is a weird one but I think a nasal spray is essential in helping your allergies. I have a prescription-strength one that actually makes me throw up so regular saline spray or Flonase are my go-to's. It helps clear out the nasal passages and just provides a little more relief when you are experiencing an allergy attack.

Check Pollen Reports

My most-used apps during the spring and summer are the pollen report apps. I check them every day to make sure I am prepared when I go outside. I like to know what to expect and be prepared with eye drops, allergy medicine, and tissues. When you know what the pollen is, you can plan better and it keeps you educated and informed. 

Wear Sunglasses, a Hat and a Mask When Outside

Allergy season during 2020 was not as bad as in 2021 and that is probably because I was in the house most of the time but also because of masks. Wearing a pair of glasses and a mask, while difficult because of the fogging, helped me tremendously. Having my face covered reduced my exposure to pollen and I definitely try to wear my mask as much as possible when I'm outside during the season.

Zyrtec Allergy Wipes

I had no idea that these wipes existed so when I discovered them last year I was sold. They are face wipes put out by Zyrtec, that have soothing properties that remove pollen and other particles from your skin to reduce allergy attacks. I use them whenever I come back from being outside, whether that's a brunch or running errands... it definitely does help to cleanse your skin after coming inside when there is pollen floating around everywhere. These would also be good to keep in your handbag so you can use them whenever you feel a little sniffly. 

A few other things that have helped me during allergy season:

  • Keep windows closed during the day
  • Invest in a humidifier and air purifier 
  • Always have tissues on hand
  • Double-check that you're not allergic to any houseplants (I don't bring any plants inside because of this)
  • Reduce your exposure to pollen if possible
  • Dust, vacuum and change your bedding weekly 

May the odds be ever in your favor this allergy season fellow pollen haters! 
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