Nine years ago I decided to start a blog. I was going into my junior year of college, getting my feet wet with the idea of internships and becoming more involved in my sorority. I was looking for an outlet to showcase my writing, build a portfolio and start making my dreams come true.

Nine years later, life looks so different than what 20 year old Briana thought it would; I'm still living at home, I'm a social media manager for a major beauty brand, my dad passed away, I'm single, I've written for my dream publications, I lived through a global pandemic... life is just so weird. I've lost people in my life, gained people, been fired from a job, made major changes... it's just so weird how you can look back and everything in your life is different. 

The one thing that has remained constant is this blog. Royally Pink was something I started after reading Carly The Prepster (back then, The College Prepster) and becoming obsessed with this online world. Back then, Carly influenced a lot of what I did: I focused a lot on my career, I started interning at a company she was working at, I started shopping at J.Crew... and I started a blog. I wanted so desperately to be a writer and this seemed to be a great gateway. 

I started writing about beauty, fashion, career, books and nine years later, I'm still writing about all that stuff! I've partnered with brands I love, discovered a new work ethic of mine, and really thrived with having a 'hobby'. I can't imagine my life without this blog, without having something to work on when the workday ends and something to be truly fulfilled by. I love having a to-do list for the blog, working on new ideas and really making Royally Pink what I've always wanted it to be. 

Royally Pink, in my head, has become a brand to me. I might not always treat it like a brand but as someone in the social media space as a professional, really into the influencer marketing world, I like to think about RP as a lifestyle. It's girly, it's feminine, it's strong and powerful but also fun. The Royally Pink reader isn't afraid to talk about weight loss, mental health, grief but she also loves a product review. Royally Pink is light, yet serious and obviously loves pink! 

Pink has always been my favorite color and I've always had a special connection to it so naming the blog that made sense. When you add in the 'Royally' aspect, that comes from where I was in 2012, obsessed with the Royal Family and I liked how it fit together. Now, I can't get enough of my brand name and feel like it really fits me, now more than ever... just a little fun history for ya! 

Over the years, I've stuck with the blog, and never really got the itch to quit. I love having a space I can be myself, write about what interests me, and kind of be the editor in chief of my own little magazine. I love sharing my favorite products, writing about mental health and wellness, and just having something to do. 

My dreams for Royally Pink have always been to have it be a business, but at the core, always share my favorite items and be authentically myself. I want to do more with it; I want to do more brand partnerships, sponsored posts, more giveaways, more creative content on Tiktok and Instagram. I have all these lofty goals and one thing I struggle with is making them happen, actioning and getting off my butt to make shit move. It's one of my goals for the next year, to put my head down and work because I know I can do it.

To celebrate the nine year anniversary, I wanted to do another beauty giveaway! This one is filled with products from Tone It Up, Botanics, Hanskin and other beauty & lifestyle brands -- just enter through the widget below. 

All in all, I just want to say thank you for reading for the past nine years. I can't believe I'm still doing this, I can't believe next year is a decade of blogging. It's been such a joy, such an honor, and really just so much fun. I love you all!


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