Why is it that whenever there's a short work week it always feels like the longest week ever? I can't believe it's just now Friday... I swear I woke up on Wednesday morning praying for the weekend. It was so strange.

I definitely have hit a wall the past few weeks but this week especially; being off on Monday for President's Day was fantastic but then the week just crawled by. Work was slow yet busy, and the days just felt so jumbled together. I really do love working from home but it's starting to feel like groundhog's day, especially with the constant snow and cold here in NYC. (not as bad as Texas, I'm thinking of everyone suffering there this week!). 

My routine needs to be changed up and I need to figure something out before I lose my mind. Is anyone else feeling that way? 

That being said, I'm happy the weekend is here! I have lots of fun stuff I want to do, whether that means going out for a bit or just staying home, writing, and working on some projects. We shall see! 

I will stop rambling and get into the round up!

Pink Positivity 

I'm trying to figure out what I want my next steps to be in terms of writing and recently, I've been pitching more outlets with article ideas. Well, I pitched myself a few weeks ago and got an acceptance notice this week! It's an outlet I've never written for before and I'm really excited about the article idea. It was definitely a bright spot and a wake up call that I do have talent and I need to stop doubting myself.

 Links I Loved

What You Missed This Week on Royally Pink

I gave up shopping for Lent, which started on Wednesday so *hopefully* you will not be seeing anything in this section until early April! 

However, before Wednesday I ordered three handbags, all resembling more expensive designer handbags. I've been wanting a dupe for the Hermes Kelly for a while and saw Toni Sevdalis review these bags from Giarite so of course, I bought them immediately. I picked up the Velly G Suede  and Velly S, both in mini sizes. 

There's also a shop called With Love Shop that have the cutest and chic accessories; they've had a pearl bag (that resembles the pearl Chanel bag from a few years ago) in and out of stock for months and I finally caught it in stock. I immediately picked it up and didn't think twice. I am so excited to get this bag I might cry! 

These three handbag purchases is what sent me over the edge to give up shopping with one exception, the Stoney Clover Lane denim launch next week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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