TGIF! This week was slow and easy, which I am eternally grateful for. It started out with a huge snowstorm in NYC and it was truly magical. It made me so incredibly happy and calm... it was just what I needed. It also felt really nice to have my mom and sister home and added a bit of ease to the day. As the snow was still falling on Monday night, my sister & I went outside to clean off the cars and it felt like meditating. There is nothing more calming than the snow at night and it was truly wonderful. 

I don't think I mentioned it here but last week I found out I was published on The Everygirl. It's been my favorite website since I was a junior in college and it's been a dream of mine to be published there. I did a test to become their next beauty writer and while they went with someone else, they still chose to publish my article. It was truly a dream and a huge accomplishment of mine! You can read it here. 

I feel like I'm drawing a blank for what else I want to say right now so I'll just jump into the post. But before we start, I'm running a beauty prize pack giveaway. It was exclusive to newsletter subscribers but wanted to open it up to everyone! The pack consists of a lot of Lights Lacquer, some Kylie Cosmetics, and other fun beauty items. Enter below! 

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Pink Positivity 

Riverdale had what should've been their 2020 season finale this week and it was heartbreaking. The show hasn't been great the past few seasons but that episode was pretty perfect; it was really sad, gut wrenching and would've made a great series finale. Next week we jump SEVEN years into the future, the most a CW drama has ever jumped, and I'm pretty excited to see these *adult actors* leave high school behind. However, it did make me nostalgic for what is a near perfect season of television, season 1 of Riverdale so I'm binging it as we speak. 

Another positive note? The calm, snow week! 

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What I Bought This Week

I am trying to limit my spending and purchases this month. I had to stock up on some ~beauty~ items so that's what I bought but before February 1st hit, I purchased a new Stoney Clover notebook for work! 

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