As I mentioned in a previous Manicure Monday, I recently placed a big order on NCLA for a few new polishes. The formula is superb and they have some really unique colors so I couldn't resist. One of the newer polishes I picked up, and one that is extremely unique in my collection was the shade "We're Off  to Never Neverland."

I would be lying if I said the main reason I got this polish was because of the name (Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie) but the color is absolutely gorgeous. It's a muted, grey-purple shade that I've never really seen in a polish before so I had to have it.

It's the kind of color you could really wear all year round because even though it's on the darker side, it's such a muted shade that it could work if you were feeling yourself during the warm weather months.

The polish went on like a dream, dried beautifully, and sits really nicely on the nails. The brush on the NCLA polishes is nice and wide so it gets every bit of nail. It doesn't allow the polish to spill all over your cuticle and nail bed -- it's perfect. 

I've only been wearing the polish for a few days so I can't truly speak to longevity but so far, so good. It's such a gorgeous polish, a gorgeous color and makes me only love NCLA colors even more. I definitely need to pick up a few more!

What's on your nails this week?

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