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Manicure Monday: NCLA "Back to Black"

 Back in the fall, I fell in love with the NCLA nail polish formula. It was beautiful and I couldn't wait to purchase more. For some reason, I felt compelled to place a huge order on their website a few weeks ago and knew I needed more polishes.

I wanted a few neutral shades, maybe some Valentine's Day, and I needed a new black polish to add to my collection. I picked up "Back to Black" and that was the first shade I tested. 

Black polish is inherently messy and I've never tried a formula that was perfect. The NCLA formula was one of the better ones that I've tried so I was pleasantly surprised. 

The application was a little messy but not nearly as bad as others that I've tried... just a few fingers had some black residue leftover. The polish formula itself was smooth, not patchy, and really opaque. You would think black polish would always be opaque and dark but you'd be surprised at how light some can be.

The polish stayed on solidly for 4-5 days until I took it off and even then, the chipping was minimal. The polish came off very easily with regular nail polish remover which I was thankful for because black polish removal can get really messy and leave you with stained nails, cuticles, and hands. 

One note: I felt like adding something extra to the manicure so I used my Olive & June white star nail stickers. I definitely needed to let my nails dry a little longer before applying them because they turned black and didn't stay down as much as I would've liked, which is why the manicure looks messy. 

I have a few other colors of NCLA polish that I want to test so stay tuned for more Manicure Mondays featuring the brand!