Happy Friday! This was a short work week but my goodness, was it daunting. It was incredibly busy at work, so busy I felt like I couldn't breathe during the day. I'm so happy it's the weekend but almost already anxious about next week.

Right now, I'm typing on my new Macbook Air... I ordered it at the beginning of January and it arrived today. I'm in love. I'm such a tech nerd in the way that I get really excited about new gadgets. I last bought a Macbook Air in 2016 and it was just time for a new one. My old laptop was really slow, the pixelation looked outdated and I had no storage. It was so bad that I had to start editing my Youtube videos on my iPad.

I got the 2020 Macbook Air, 13 inches, in gold and wow, it's stunning. It's really nice to have a larger screen. I used to think I only wanted a small screen but after working on a 15 inch Macbook Pro for work, the difference is astounding. I'm happy to have a screen that's in the middle. Also, the gold color is outstanding. It is so gorgeous, it's almost like a rose gold with a tint of bronze. It's right up my alley. 

This weekend I have an eye doctor appointment along with some Stoney Clover shopping in the city (maybe) but otherwise I'm taking it easy. I have some online work to finish for freelance projects and want to start binging Bridgerton. There's just so many shows I want to watch but can never get started... I'm determined though! 

I am in love with my SCL Book Club sweatshirt. It is so cozy!

Pink Positivity of the Week

We have a NEW president! I am THRILLED and spent the better part of Wednesday sobbing and dancing around my room. We had no meetings Wednesday morning so I was able to enjoy the Inauguration. It was so moving, so beautiful, Lady Gaga killed it. The fashion, the masks, the pure hope of the day sent me. No matter your views, the fact that we have a woman in the 2nd highest office in our country is incredible. I sobbed watching VP Harris take her oath. It was wonderful.

I'm also obsessed with Naomi Biden and her pink fit... so there's that. 

It was a good day!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week: 

I was ok but did buy a few things... including this C&C Luxury Ring and this Park & Beach Bracelet; I also picked up a few Stoney Clover items, such as Valentine's Day scrunchie, masks and a embroidered pouch but everything sold out very fast. Below are a few Target pick ups! 

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