Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for so many reasons so it's not a surprise that these seasons bring my favorite manicure shades. I love a good berry, a burnt orange, or a crispy, autumnal brown. I love dark, almost black reds and purples, or even a light, snowy blue. There's so many beautiful choices year after year so I figured I'd let you in on my favorites. 

At first I was going to make this a more broad overview of my favorite colors, always, but thought that maybe I should narrow it down and discuss the favorites I currently own, have been and will be wearing for the next few weeks/months. 

Essie From A to Zzz

I've only worn this polish once and once was enough to fall in love. It's a gorgeous, shimmering deep blue (almost a periwinkle) that is ideal for winter. It's described as a cool blue, having pearl and shimmer finishes which is spot on. There's something cozy about it that makes me want to curl up with a book and blanket. The formula was gorgeous: opaque, even, not watery and didn't bleed. It was a delight to work with. It's a must have for this winter... I also feel like it's light enough that you can wear it into the spring which is always a plus.

This is From A to Zzz and a Twinkle in Time

Essie A Twinkle in Time

I wore this polish alongside 'From A to Zzz' and it was the perfect pair. 'A Twinkle in Time' is from Essie's winter collection and it is as beautiful as the season's first snow. This shade is a shimmering white color but definitely a winter white, like ice. It has a gold pearl sparkle that really shines in the light. I was pleasantly surprised at the formula: it was very opaque, not patchy at all, and went on like a dream. Usually when a polish is so light in color and has that shimmery effect, it can be a nightmare to apply but this was not the case. 

This is a great accent nail but I can't wait to wear it on its own. 

Essie Generation Zen 

This was from a collection I think two winters ago called "Serene Slates" and now the shade Generation Zen part of the permanent Essie collection and I'm eternally grateful. It's a gorgeous, grey with a hint of mauve and taupe undertones. The formula is really great, applies smoothly and evenly without any big goops. It's such a cozy shade and is gorgeous for any occasion. I love dark grays for polish and this definitely falls into the category. 

NCLA Back to Black

No nail polish collection is complete without a good black nail polish. Winter was made for black nail polish and I know I'm going to wear this constantly. I won't go on and on about this polish since I just did a Manicure Monday on it but NCLA has a great formula and I really love how simple it is. 

Lights Lacquer Fuzzy Socks

I can't leave out my favorite nail color of the holiday season this year. Fuzzy Socks was a fast favorite because there's really nothing more beautiful than a simple glitter manicure. I don't tend to wear glitter in the spring and summer, it just feels more like a cold weather mani, especially when it leans more white, gold and pearl glitter. It's festive for the holidays but also cozy and cool enough to wear through March!  You can read my Manicure Monday post about this color here

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